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  1. HORRIBLE buisiness on NYCT end. They need to wrap up 2613 and move onto the next TA exam. If people reinstate, bring them in and keep moving. They've processed so many OA and MTA Bus Operators, and now look at the shortage of TA operators. Its unbelievable. Hardship has been filed many times in the past for commuting reasons. There was a female at Kingsbridge who was in staten island prior, and she said her commute was 2.5-3 hours and if there was traffic nearly 4 hours via public transportation. & after a certain time she almost couldn't get back home. She was late for work a few times even giving her self 3+ hours to get there. She put in for hardship and got the transfer. IMHO its worth a shot for all bronx residents to put in for hardship. The commute will be exhausting. Not to mention if theres ever an 8 hour turn around. it almost makes sense to just stay sleeping in the garage than to come back home. & when the snow hits in the next few months. Forget about it. College Point is MTA BUS but that may be where queens does their picks. If you're going to college point i believe you've gotten into queens. I heard Staten Island Guys have to report to Castleton at 8am Monday morning. But i will verify tomorrow morning.
  2. So my Gs pulled me to the side, to give me the WORST of the news to me and my classmates. Were going to Staten Island. Her explanation went something like this. They needed roughly 97 people. 40 slots in queens, 47 in SI. 88 people requested queens with only 9 people requesting SI. the highest seniority got queens, remainder went to SI. She said most of the people hired POST June, are going to SI, PRE June had a chance of going to queens. So my commute is looking like 1 hr drive, $30 in tolls, + gas. for a round trip of 120 Miles, or about a 2.5 hour commute via 2 trains, the SI Ferry, + bus to the depot. Not sure how this is going to work out... Just saying, be prepared for the worse. She said don't listen to the Union feeding us the Grievance, and fighting it BS. Contractually Zerega reserves the right to reassign probie operators to the needs of the authority. There is no fighting this. Regardless of what TWU is telling us as far as fighting to keep us. The battle is already lost. Were going.
  3. My Union, and GS both said nov 22. However as of last night nobody still knows any further information.
  4. I was confronted with the letter by the Crew dispatcher upon clearing a few nights ago. He told me the GS needed it signed and i refused too. The union then called me the morning after saying i needed to come in a little before my report time to sign it. I got there and asked the union MANY questions, 99% of them they could not answer so once again i refused to sign. When finally they took me off my Run during swing and brought me into the GS office and was told it was a letter from Zerega, we don't have a choice in signing its not an option. but the letter stated in exact words "a TA bus operator being REASSIGNED to either queens or staten island.... etc" It also stated that when an opening becomes available again in an OA/TWU Garage we will be given the opportunity to transfer back over, at which point if we decline we are stuck in a queens garage. I honestly think NYCT should have been preparing for this. It was bad business on their end. They should have closed off OA agarages from TA classes dating back Months ago and filled the slots they needed. Instead they continue to process MTA Bus, and OA operators. Just doesn't make sense. I actually saw a TRAINING BUS in the zerega area this morning. So I'm hoping they do some hiring and get these garages filled quickly
  5. Like you all i have a June 1st hire wl a TA class and got the letter. Frustrated like everyone is we have no choice as contractually Zerega owns us as Probies and reserves the right to reassign as the Authority needs. From what i've been told it could be 2 weeks 2 months 6 months theres no date its all pending hiring to fill spots. Once garages are filled and we cross back over we regain our seniority in TWU, but when were going over to queens or Si, we lose all of our seniority due to ATU and TWU. If you're in BK you're most likely closer to SI, id do some research in SI. Many operators in the Bronx/Manhattan are being forced as well, and think about the commute for them to SI, i know plenty of BK ops are going into queens to save a few bucks, but it greatly hinders guys in OA depots from atleast going into queens. Most ops in OA garages will be facing 2 tolls regardless. And if forced to SI, over an hour DRIVE and very expensive tolls. Lets just all hope for the best. This is and was certainly a blow.
  6. Just checking in, its been a while. Im from the 9.22 class. I qualified out of Qns, and was able to pick into my Choice, Kingsbridge Depot in the BX Being that i live super close and know most of the lines. However, due to whats happening at 126 and a lot of operators looking for new homes, the entire 9.22 class as well as every class behind it that came into KB were bumped out. A group of atleast 10 are all going to MCH. The only thing that i would mention about probation and moving around is that i can say im 3 months in, know all of my lines. All 12 as well as all of the ADAs. Now that im comfortable, were getting sent to Clara Hale. So its just adjusting to and learning those lines and all announcements. They are so important to transit, violation worthy. However, MCH is supposed to be a beautiful building, sick Gym, etc so were all looking forward to it. My Manhattan drivers almost finished wl prob, how is it? I think i can speak on everyone going from the BX to Manhattan, Were just a little concerned wl the change of environment.
  7. StatenSteve disappeared on us. He was our 10.20 informant lol. On another note tomorrow is Graduation Day for the 9.22 Hire. If anyone will be there tomorrow lmk, Graduates report 7am.
  8. Congrats brother! How many made it on Day 7? Was your RTS packeddd?! Lmk what superintendent you have for RTS
  9. Today was Day 7 no? Any updates from anyone in the 10.20 class?
  10. If you have your CDL already youre off to a better start than most, however part of passing their training is humbling yourself. I saw students WHOVE NEVER driven a buss, drive better than school bus drivers and tractor trailer drivers. They had habits that was hard to break. Assuming you go in humble and dont take any habits with you the training is very do able. They start from the very basic - Starting the bus and inspecting - Navigating through city strees - Turning, Tight hook turns and basic turns - Reversing straight and parking - Zigzagging in and out of pillars - Heavy City Traffic, very congested to moderate. Its not hard at all i enjoyed my training and made it out in 7 Days. Great to here Steve. Hoping you guys all make it out on Wednesday!! Tomorrow is very important as well as day 7. If you climb a curb or have to reverse tomorrow, Day 6, you will more than likely have to go to day 9 regardless of your day 7 performance. Dont even give the superintendent a reason to trolly brake you. If you have a clean day tomorrow 90% chance youre going to qualify Day 7. Best of luck brother!!! For what its worth, the 9.22.14 class finishes Line training next week. We Graduate Wednesday! Pretty excited to be cut lose.
  11. Hows the training going? Tomorrow should be the 10.20's class Day 5. Any updates
  12. Nice brother, stay focused. Whose your superintendent? if you need any help or have any questions reach out to me, ill share wle i can with you
  13. How was Orientation and where are you training out of?
  14. I hope they do another class, im not sure if the 10/20 class is full already, but from what we were told the 10/20 was the last class for this year. They could have had a change of plans since telling us that. Only time will tell.
  15. Thanks, the pick has already begun, There are so many operators. We have been told it will be our, rookies, turn to pick sometime early Dec. But as for now, its high seniority picking routes and runs and RDOs. Its like a 2 month process or longer
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