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  1. LMFAO... if there was residency points, I completely SHIT the bed.... an 85 score with a 22xxx list.... by the time they even consider hitting me up, I'll get my results from the Train Operator and if I shit the bed on this I'm sure I completely BOMBED on the Train Operator
  2. Finally got my letter, passed and list # is 6,### so I'm expecting to hear at the rate of classes probably early 2018 I THINK... no matter. I'm just hopeful to get in some agency as I'm 3,5## on sanitation and waiting on my conductor results and plan on taking the Train operator soon. Good luck to everyone...
  3. Your not out of Sanitation necessarily, it will just be a longer wait. I got 102.4 and I got a 4K list number. They just generated a 3600 list, so your not out it's just a longer wait. To me those guys aren't retiring because there is so much money to be made once your on the job and made it past your first 3yrs.
  4. I took the conductor and it had no landmarks or I took the conductor exam and it had NO military time and NO landmarks as I was told...? It was total reading comprehension, writing proper incident reports, understanding directions (following them) etc. I suspect this is because it's just 1 part of a bigger picture before the next phase?
  5. Whoah.... I would say fall 2016 and that's expected anyway. Working for the city is a process
  6. Nah, it's coming they are just working off the last list.....etc. Just took the Conductor exam, someone was telling me to know military time and landmarks and none of that was on the test LOL basic reading comprehension. Then they said bring a calculator and on the test it says if you have a calculator you'll be disqualified YET no questions required a calculator.... hilarious
  7. I'm starting to believe that this test was a fund raiser... waited to hear from these people for 7 years JUST to take an exam, collected all my test fee's. Now I finally get called and the results have some how been buried with Jimmy Hoffa? LOL....
  8. Yeah, I got a 4K number, I'm pumped.... hopefully get in 3 or 4 years...
  9. I know this is old BUT.... how does one obtain residency credit and this legacy credit?
  10. That's the premise I'm working from.... thanks. Do you believe Sanitation is going to open up again in October I believe... WOW... they are making serious bank off these test fee's. 40K applicants for 500 positions... amazing
  11. You think there is a study guide for the conductor test?
  12. @MTA... LMFAO... yeah... but I'm going to fight it in any way possible.... because I've been through TOO DAMN MUCH to let this go
  13. See, that's the thing... I don't have a violent arrest or drugs or anything like that... also, I'm fighting 2 tickets the bad thing is the 1st ticket is for double yellow lines BUT I was exiting a driveway which is legal BUT the judge out here in Staten Island is INFAMOUS for convicting people no matter the proof.EVERYONE loses with this guy... this man bought in an unopened copy of his cell phone bill to prove he wasn't speaking on his phone and the judge told him SO WHAT... 4 points, $250 for the ticket and $300 for court fee's... CABRON este tipo The 2nd ticket IS crossing the bridge speeding BUT I wasn't speeding, I'm hoping I'll have some luck with that because it's in Brooklyn. I"m hoping to make something happen because even though I'm 4105 Ive been passed over for this test for the last 10yrs, paying $60 and never getting a notice..... now I just got my CDL, I finally get called and take my test and all this happens... BOGUS!!
  14. @mtawife would you happen to know the disqualifications for license and criminal background... I mean I have no felonies, just 2 or 3 traffic arrests for simple nonsense and I'm fighting 2 tickets right now... Just thought I'd ask because I never get a direct answer or an answer that doesn't contradict what I've heard or been told
  15. Taz that' from test 3103 righ... if that's the case... 4105 won't get called till 2017

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