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  1. @stepurgameup congratulation can you tell us your list number please or around figure .
  2. If they send letters to the first 200 people in the last four months and only 95 people got higher that's not good the list is moving very slow compare to the list number 3101, I got my latter in March now July.
  3. Hi my list number is 19# and I receive my letter in March and I went for the drug test and I was told within 3 to 90 days But I called 2 weeks ago and I spoke to Mrs. chestnuts and She told me in August nothing is going on now they up to #34 not #95.
  4. Happy Easter everyone did anyone of the frist 200 people get the later for exam 4600 get called back for medical.
  5. @justdre88 just bring it anyway if expired and bring your birth certificate and whatever they except from you. Did you get your employment letter
  6. @busman718 if you receive the employment letter from the MTA on the first page all instruction what you have to bring with you your driver license/ us passport Or birth certificate / The same letter they received from the MTA / your high school diploma / ball point pen black or blue ink / light lunch or snack . I am going to same day on the Friday the 18th I am going to same day on the Friday the 18th
  7. Hi just received my employment later today for exam number 4600, to be there for March 18 next Friday good luck everyone .
  8. Remember they still have almost 800 people on the exam 2613 they didn't get called yet
  9. Hey guys The list for 4600 is done my # 19# omg so happy
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