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  1. SI Railway Bustitution; New Dorp Plaza North & Beach Avenue - 08-15-2020
  2. SI Railway Bustitution; BeachAve & South Railroad Ave 08-15-2020
  3. Is the MTA intentionally trying to use residential streets for bus routes now? I'm not a Bronx resident but I've been following the Bronx redesign just to see what may be in store for the SI local route re-design in two years.
  4. As more employers settle in Downtown Brooklyn / MetroTech / Dumbo an express bus service will become necessary. Maybe even a Bay Ridge-Park Slope-Downtown Bklyn route for Brooklynites too. But with the MTA's new express bus numbering scheme the route may be designated 'SIB-1'. We will then have SIMs and SIBs. Let's say that Long Island City is eventually included. Can you say 'SIBQ-1'? 🙂 https://www.bisnow.com/new-york/news/office/brooklyn-office-market-97168
  5. The numbers are for passenger vehicles only. The info is from the two pdfs I linked to. I'm assuming that the 'Standard' column in the pdfs means passenger vehicles. There is a separate 'Taxi' column which again I'm assuming includes traditional taxis as well as Uber/Lyft vehicles with 'TLC' plates. The DMV should be clearer but this is the only info I have.
  6. Here are the registration numbers for passenger vehicles only in 2012 and 2017 (last year DMV stats available). My own theory is that as more New Yorkers become more well-off they buy cars for the freedom and convenience. A 7.61% (+146,505) increase in passenger car ownership between 2012 and 2017 is pretty impressive when you consider how expensive and potentially difficult it is to own a car in NYC. The Alternate Side Parking rules alone are an impediment to car ownership nyc 2012: BRONX 227,105 KINGS 408,007 NEW YORK 221,916 QUEENS 671,816 RICHMOND 247,692 NYC 2012 TOTAL 1,776,536 nyc 2017: BRONX 249,216 KINGS 457,980 NEW YORK 225,179 QUEENS 725,906 RICHMOND 264,760 NYC 2017 TOTAL 1,923,041 https://dmv.ny.gov/statistic/2012reg.pdf https://dmv.ny.gov/statistic/2017reginforce-web.pdf
  7. Could be the bum had enough $ on his metrocard to pay the fare. Great that the passengers came to the victim's aid. If it was an SI express bus the accused might have been killed by the passengers. Would have made a great S.I. Advance story.
  8. I don't think that all the streets within the Maxtrix complex have been built yet so at this point the only way in may be via Bloomfield Avenue. The last stop is described as 'LAMBERTS LA/10 AV' in the GTFS feed. Eventually Lamberts Lane and '5th Street 'may be extended to Gulf Avenue which would allow for a more direct routing. The street names out there are confusing on the google map and I expect them to be renamed at some point. https://goo.gl/maps/WbimyQ4Wwx22
  9. I still think the S40/S90 wasn't the best route to extend to Matrix/Amazon. The S40/S90 runs along Richmond Terrace where you don't want to be at 1am. Maybe the S48/S98 would have been a better choice as it runs along the busy & populated Forest Avenue. As you state the Matrix Park extension is noted on the 08/2018 SI bus map and is also included in the 08/17/2018 GTFS static data feed. http://web.mta.info/developers/data/nyct/bus/google_transit_staten_island.zip http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/bussi.pdf
  10. Here are all the new SIM schedules combined into one pdf - SIM Schedules 08-19-2018 (134 page pdf)
  11. As of this moment the new SIM pdf schedules have not yet been posted. http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/bus/sisch.htm#xpress
  12. Amazon is constructing a fulfillment center, and Ikea is taking another building for the same purpose. http://s.silive.com/Uqqng6W The area is zoned for manufacturing. AFAIK there are no residential properties or resdidentially zoned land out there. A rail line crosses Lamberts Lane near the area but I don't know if the Matrix facility will be served by it. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/YH2tX9MAGd52
  13. 10th Avenue can remain as 10th Avenue and all the other 'Avenues' out there can remain as Avenues. But the Google map indicates a bunch of numbered streets out by Matrix like '3 Street', '5 Street' and '7 Street'. Generally a bad idea to have duplicate street names in the same borough even if they are miles apart. The NYCDOT can rename the numbered streets with a 'West' prefix like 'West 3 Street' or renumber them all starting at '20 Street'. https://goo.gl/maps/peghqKTnFRo
  14. I stumbled onto this in the 7/19/2018 Staten Island GTFS upload. Apparently some S40 and S90 runs will now terminate within the Matrix facility at 'Lamberts Lane & 10 Avenue'. No mention of this anywhere on the MTA site, and the current S40/90 map has not been updated since last year. Quick look at S40/S90 to Matrix Park (pdf) Lamberts Lane & 10th Avenue only exists on maps at this point. It's probably being constructed right now. The other numbered streets will have to eventually be renamed as not to duplicate existing numbered streets in New Dorp. Lamberts Lane & 10 Ave on google maps
  15. I just did the schedule for the Hylan routes at my local stop and some other items. A quick look, that's all.
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