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  1. If you have a short swing keep your bus. Before you even leave the yard ask them if you can keep it during your swing that can give you 45-60mins.
  2. Take a deep breath n relax. Give yourself that 4ft space it helps with every turn. Just calm down set your top mirror to the back tires and your small mirror as you set it on a car looking over the side of the bus. 4ft of space is honestly the best advice because u won't hit a curb if u turn the way they showed you. Watch out for lights and pedestrians n you should be fine
  3. Yeah we're like state workers with a city pension but you know what I mean its a agency looking to fire you more then help you get ahead.
  4. Mta is the only city agency that hires you and rite away looks for any reason to fire you. The job sucks definitely lol but the money is good n I think that's why people stick around. Most bus drivers are miserable. My uncle spent 32 yrs and tells me everyday how do you do it with today's rules. Alot has changed over the years it gets stricter by the day. After that girl with the parking brake there's been superintendent riding probies more n more. It sucks to operate a bus and watching over your shoulder looking to see who's watching you.
  5. Yes I know I been in the transportation business along time I'm very familiar with the dot certification. I'm just sharing my knowledge on how to lower it that same day or steps into lowering your pressure.
  6. Drink lots of water. Do not drink coffee before the test. Eat a banana before going in and do some push ups. And stay away from salty foods for a lil that raises BP. Before I got into transit I worked access a ride n I had to go thru BP every 2 yrs that's the tricks. Oh and also if you smoke cigarettes don't smoke that morning nicotine raises BP.
  7. No accidents or moving violations within 3 years they will probably tell you to come back in 2019 when it's clear. Oh and no pending court/tickets
  8. How are you line training after day 9 you still have to wait for day 10 people and gi day and picking a depot you line train after that
  9. Cool thx. I'm in training now hopefully they have some slots left.
  10. What Depots were available when it was time to pick?
  11. About 2 weeks ago I was sworn in. My list #23xx. Hopefully I'm somewhere in bk/queens.some of my friends from previous test were able to pick from a list of Depots that had available spots. Sucks knowing you might end up somewhere you are not familiar with.
  12. What's up I start my training on the 3rd. I was wondering if they let you at least suggest a depot you want to work out of. Or at least try and keep you in your Boro.
  13. Damn that sucks I'm currently working aar now and took bus exam #4600 and my supervisors told me we get called faster..
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