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  1. How long is it from the time you interview to the time you start training? I have an interview Thursday in Maplewood.
  2. Does anyone know if the driver and passengers of that 559 are all ok from the accident last night on rt9 ? Drove past it, looked pretty serious with all the ems and police there!!
  3. Got my letter that I "passed" the pre employment test today from transit guysss now just have to wait and see when I'm can get an interview
  4. I will get more familiar once they put me in whatever garage I go to. still waiting on my results in the mail to see if I passed the pre employment test. Do many pass that exam. I took mine at BIG TREE last Tuesday.
  5. Yea I'm familiar with a lot of oranges routes like 96 21 27 34 28 11 29 92 and a couple of Howells like the 67 139 137 and 559
  6. Right !!! I just want whatever garage is going to work me !! Get me my hours !!
  7. Thanks guys sooo much for your feedback !! Def gives me a lot to think about !! But as far as the travel to and from work !! If I got into orange I would def move up to hillside with my godmother so the commute to orange garage would only be like 10-15 mins !! So the travel I'm not to concerned with !! Which garage do you think I'll be able to get my 520 hours from the quickest !! I've heard sooo many different things about part timers getting work !! I've read a lot about drivers unfortunately being part time for like a year plus because they wasn't getting work !! But those are stories that I read !! Personally I know of a driver that started this year and I believe he's in the meadowlands garage and he got his 520 in like 6 months ..
  8. Thanks, I will def keep you guys posted !! I'm a big transit geek lol because I literally grow up on a metro d and nova bus !! I'm still in the very beginnings of my journey in becoming a b/o ! I've been reading a lot of the comments in here and I hear it's a pretty long journey until you get out on the road !! I still need to be interviewed, trained and get my cdl !!! How long does the whole process take!! Most of the comments I read were from NYC transit drivers. Is the NJT and NYC process similar ?
  9. thanks, howell is an option because i live in toms river but my god mother has drives out of {orange} for the past 20 years, so because of that i know a lot of the drivers there already and tbh i know a lot of the lines (routes) that come out of the garage from riding with her through the years soo im really hoping that i can get that garage. not to mention im obsessed with the nabis and howell doesn't have any.... what are you thoughts on orange vs howell ???
  10. thanks, how long does it usually take to get the results and sit up the interview from the day you take the test ?
  11. just took the pre employment test for part time B/O for njt. does it really take a full 2 weeks to get the test results back. The anticipation is driving me crazy.. Its already been a full week of waiting. lol
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