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  1. I got a call on Monday to take the SPA on Sunday June 2nd. So I'm assuming the next class will be starting in July or August.
  2. I got a call three weeks ago from MTA in regards about the Transit Electrical Helper exam 8606 stating that I'm qualified for the position, but they told me based on my records I did not take the Safety Proficiency Assessment. Does anyone know when the next class is going to start?
  3. I read the papers. What's the passing score for the multiple choice exam before the practical exam?
  4. Hey guys. This is Nicholas Noel here. I took the exact same exam for Transit Electrical Helper back on August 23rd, 2014. I was eligible to take the exam because I went to Transit Tech High School and I had 600 hours of Electrical work performed as a helper. Then in January of this year, I got called for provisional, but I didn't get in due to the fact that I didn't have my drivers license so they told me to come back when I have it. And speaking of the list, the list is being established for permanent employment under civil service. Who got their scores and list number yet?
  5. I hope it goes well for all of you candidates. Make sure to take every exam out there. I'm hoping Transit Electrical Helper 4607 has more openings for me when I go for my drug test after I get my drivers license
  6. Hey everyone its Nicholas Noel. I'm back on the forums to talk about the Car Inspectors exam. In response to the topic, I regreted to apply for the Car Inspector exam because I was not sure on completing the paper work
  7. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding MTA NYC Transit's Car Inspector Exam 5610. If anyone has taken the test before, do you recall what was given on the practical test?
  8. Hi do you know anything about the practical test for car inspector?
  9. @Union Tpke yeah it's Nicholas Noel. and thank you for enjoying some of my photos. and do you know how to type into the templates? if you do, please tell me how to do it. i appreciate it. thank you
  10. I downloaded the text and fonts into my computer including the templates, but I'm having trouble to type into the templates so I would like some help please. Thank you
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