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  1. 3000-3009 (ironically) had to get rejected due to the cracks found in the car body. Now, 3015 and 3018 are experiencing the same issues for some unknown reason. My guess there's a design flaw in both the A and B cars, or they're not building it correctly.
  2. Update on the R179's: As you all know, 3015-3019 was expected to arrive by Mid to late Septemeber/October, however we've come into more roadblocks. 3015 had cracks in its chassis when it was being built, one of the reasons why the set has been delayed. 3016 passed the vibration testing and started having components installed, nearing 87% completion. 3017 passed the vibration testing and started having components installed. 3018 had a "design construction flaw" (I don't know what this means I'm just reading off the email) in the front of the car, delaying it by 2 weeks. 3019 had major software issues and onboard electronic power issues that delayed it by 2 weeks (similar to what 3010 is experiencing.) 3020-3024 was suppose to start construction a week ago, but the delayment of 3015-3019 delayed the who entire construction back by at least a month and a half. If these issues are sorted out, 3015-3019 should be here by mid-December.
  3. Just to sum up what's going to happen for the shutdown: has to be increased to 8 cars, which means either headways increase or a swap of R68A's have to happen. (J)/(Z) TPH increases with the displaced fleet from the . Now this option has me confused. We have three choices to do this: Have the run between Middle Village and 96 St-2 Av at all times with the being extended to Forest Hills to replace service. Have the run between Middle Village and 96 St-2 Av on weekends to allow a direct 1 transfer ride from the to the upper east side. Have the run between Middle Village and 57 St-6 Av.
  4. Not only that, during rush hour you got all the transfers in Brooklyn.
  5. Anybody know when the next to 86 ST will depart Astoria and arrive at 86 St?
  6. I still never understood why the R160's never got the LED advertisements from the R143's.
  7. They did. Trains even still announce "Lawrence St". This is what happens when you don't fix a trains program BEFORE the start of a new service.
  8. The 's FIND system is outdated from 2010...it still has all of the old transfers and station names and oh lord jesus...
  9. A major fire has damaged the 14 St tunes and a major car accident has taken place on the Willy, causing both to be unusable for a month. What do you do?

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