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  1. wave to the driver, yell out "i belong to the transit forum" and i'm sure they'll stop.
  2. i don't know, isn't that what you people do
  3. *The only thing ^ guess you didn't see that when you edited your post.
  4. yes, bus drivers need to learn their place in the world who cares? prove your accusation mr. hail to the bus driver
  5. you must both be very proud. I used to drive buses for a living and eventually started my own company for doing what we did. After 4-5 years it just felt like a waste of my time, so I split up the empire amongst friends I had made and left. Once I did I was able to earn numerous times what I used to make, retire my family and myself, own multiple properties across the globe [toronto, vancouver, los angeles, ny, miami, alps, dominican, paris, london, south africa, moscow, bangkok, tokyo, etc], travel the world in chartered jets & yachts, collect the most expensive and rare cars in the world, party with the creme de la creme of society, and I've dated 2 a list actresses, 6 models, 4 daughters of an oil tycoon, shipping magnate & 2 ceo's and all this within 10 years after leaving. congratulations
  6. Show the morons on the road who's boss and the critics who support them. Clearly, most of the people here don't drive and are thus stuck taking public transportation such as this joke of an operation. Haha.
  7. A real professional operation. f**k this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7dPGitFWtY
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