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  1. You see it sounds good to not mention it but it just so happens I have this huge scar across my stomach almost like a CROSS but without the bottom part....anyway I don't think I can hide that but then again I don't know how thorough the check they do on you.
  2. I hear everyone talking about medical and any issues ...now I am a liver transplant patient ...I was 3 years old when that happened and I am 26 today...I have not been on medications for 15 years about. Do u think that would bring an issue with the medical? Being that I'm not on medication and am generally healthy. I kno no one is a doctor I'm just curious as to weather anyone THINKS it would present a concern with the TA physician even if everything checks out...thanks
  3. Sorry busman718 I made a mistake ...I took the BOSS October 4th Saturday and it was pm session. I got 96.6 on the test
  4. I took the boss in December I believe it waS Saturday pm and I got 2 wrong so 96 or something like that Ah ok I will try that....thank you!
  5. Hey guys I had a more general question. Ok so when I started the mta process I was living in one place and I moved and my father recieved the letter for the BOSS but I also received a phone call for the BOSS. Now I went on the mta site and did an address change to my current address and sent it to the email provided me. Now the question is how do I know if it was updated to my new address? Is there somewhere I can call to see if the address they have is my current one?
  6. Wow that was very enlightening...and u made it very clear to me...and sorry to hear u didn't pass da training. so that means u can't try again? What didn't u pass from da training? Or do u go the 10 days and then they tell u that u didn't make the cut? I read what the training is composed of and seems alittle scary but I guess I would just try and be positive bcuz I really want this career...being u know so much I would figure u would already be an employee...lol
  7. I get it but my license is class E...do they have class e in NYS? Bcuz I don't remember seeing it in da license class e for ny but I guess I'll just figure it out when I turn it in or they will....and U go to zerega ave for training? And also typically how long do u guesstimate it to take to get called for drug test if u pass the BOSS? U get a letter first with ur results correct and how long after that would u say...I know u don't have concrete numbers but a ball park range? Or is it based on how well u passed with how soon they will call for that?
  8. Thank you for telling me that because I would have ordered one...do they want originals tho? And also I don't have my cdl yet or permit bcuz I can't get it in Florida at this point bcuz I am here...I'm assuming I still need the abstract from Florida bcuz that was the original state I got my license from even tho my license will be a NYS license ina few weeks...and also do u kno if when switching my license if I have to take a test being that NY driving rules are somewhat different ?
  9. @Dre87 Nvm the last post I googled it...so I guess I would get that from Florida DMV then correct? Or NY?
  10. What is that? Is that like my driving record or something of that nature? Where do I get that from?
  11. I read on the bus operator app for the 4600 exam that a requirement of hiring is that you either have a class b cdl or a motor vehicle license valid in the state of ny for 3 year and your cdl permit...does my license have to be a Nys license for 3 years? I have a Florida license for over 3 years and I'm converting it over bcuz I moved back to ny...does that disqualify me? I know you don't have to be a resident so shouldn't that mean that I don't need a nys license? I'm scheduled to take the BOSS October 4th and got 96.6 on my test so hopeful the boss goes well but just wanted to know if that's an issue? Appreciate any response thanks I'm new here aswell obviously lol
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