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  1. 2 wrong should put you on near the top of the list......now just have to wait until the list is established could take a few years
  2. I got a 92.75......my list # was 106 Remember we all took the test at different times.....I took it in the "pm"......so might be different from "am" answers Im was referring to exam 4104....I got # 15, 28, 41, 43, 47 wrong.....pm session
  3. Yes they do check.....problem is you really needed to get a 95 and above.....they might call only like 15 to 25 people of this list.....only about 80 people in the title now Yes that is correct!!
  4. No as long as your 100 percent honest on the application
  5. I got 5 wrong which really suprise me because I thought the test was extremely easy!!!!........that would put me at a 90 which is likely not high enough to get called.....there are only like 80 something stock workers.....so who ever has a 95 or top 50 on the list has a shot to get called!!
  6. Oh...tier 1....plus I have to wait 5 yrs for top pay!!!.....8 to 4 is good!!
  7. What do you mean by tier?.....I have 7-3 sat/sun off.....no my cousin is still waiting.....the last list number they hired was #150 from my understanding
  8. Im located out of Coney island....not really training anymore.....however im still not certified to drive the high low....hopefully get trained soon
  9. What is the promotional list?.....is it assistant stock worker?.....or provisional stock worker?
  10. Hahaha....that was so true!!!....the good news is there are good amount of stock workers ready to retire within the next few years....so hopefully they will hire from the list!!!
  11. It's going to take years before they consider hiring from this list....so take all other test in the meantime!!!......good luck!!!
  12. Weill Im going to assume it like other stock worker exams I took......yes all multiple choice not to hard.....no need to study just common sense and take your time and you will be fine....good luck!!!!
  13. Congrats on your promotion!!!!....do you enjoy the work??
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