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  1. Everyone who says they have llevl says he's absolutely nuts and rushes everyone through turns lol
  2. Figured I'd let you guys know about my Supt's as well. I had Quarless for the first 7 days, he's a great guy, and everything he taught me is exactly why I qualified. I hope to see him again one day to thank him in uniform. For days 8-9 I had Supt. Searight and Fallon (don't know why we had 2, but I think Fallon was just observing) Searight is a sweetheart, though she didn't teach much since I performed well on days 8 and 9... Fallon however is brilliant. She can teach you exactly what to do from sitting all the way in the back of the bus. She's a seasoned veteran on this job and it shows. Nothing against Quarless but I wish I had Fallon for the first 7 days. Looking forward to hear who gets who tomorrow. Fallon was telling me she's going on vacation this week so I doubt anyone will be getting her.
  3. Yeah a lot of people get turned away because they don't have permits, they have too many points, they don't pass the medical, criminal convictions, etc... The list moves relatively quick.
  4. Mine and Invzo's class had list numbers ranging from 140-300+ if that helps anyone...
  5. yes a good amount, I heard almost half of us are going to day 10. Day 10, from what I've been told, goes as follows: You wait in the lunch room at Zerega and one by one you'll go on the bus for your final qualification road test with 2 superintendents. If you pass, then you'll finish up the article 19a paperwork, and start training on different buses, such as the new Nova, New Flyer, and RTS. If you fail, you'll be taken upstairs to resign. 1 benefit to day 10 is it's right by zerega... no Manhattan to deal with!
  6. So if you're going into the 10 day training LISTEN UP! Day 7 being the "qualifying day" is kinda BS. You MUST do good on day 6, to be able to qualify on day 7. But here's the thing... Day 6 is a route in downtown Manhattan (pedestrians, bicycles, cab drivers, etc...) and day 7 is nearby the depot, unless your depot is in Manhattan, then it's probably in the Bronx or queens. Day 7 is a route in a quiet area, MUCH easier than day 6. So in reality, Day 6 is the REAL qualifying day. If you can drive well in Manhattan on day 6 then you will breeze by day 7... Just an FYI. I too qualified today, day 9.... Good luck to those starting next week.
  7. Every depot in brooklyn manhattan and the bronx are twu 100. Queens and Staten Island are ATU
  8. Day 6 was in downtown Manhattan. It's the first of 2 qualifying days needed to qualify on day 7. We also went over post trip inspections.
  9. Day 5 was in uptown Manhattan, nothing new, just driving defensively with twice as many bikes and pedestrians on the road.
  10. You'll pay for your dmv road test while in training. You then give them the receipt and they'll schedule your road test near Zerega. But yes, you'll take the dmv road test after you qualify the 10- day training. And just an FYI, it's a 10 day training program with chances to qualify on days 7, 9, or 10, depending on how well you do.
  11. Honestly not bad... My group got a great Supt. so if we mess it up it's on us lol. I think we have a chance at day 7 though. We'll see how much of a wake up call manhattan is.
  12. What have you been doing since you qualified then?
  13. anyone screw up on day 9 (minor screw up) and still pass?
  14. Day 4 Today we went straight to the EL pillars, fun! We did straight line backing, parking, and pre-trip inspections (exterior, interior, and air brakes) As well as everything learned in days 1-3. MTAondeck any tips for us going into day's 5-(hopefully)7
  15. Left turns are generally shoulder to double yellow line, acute left's you obviously have to turn sooner, bumper to double yellow. Right turns are generally pillar to curb and acute rights usually means you have to turn later and is ALL about the pivot points ( Which you'll learn about) But these are only references, nothing is set in stone (except for the pivot points)... You may have to use your own judgement on certain turns. These references don't work 100% of the time. Day 3 First thing we did was the EL pillars in the simulator. First time I actually appreciated the simulator, it gives a really good understanding about your pivot points. Next we learned how to operate the wheel chair lift, secure wheel chairs, and set up the farebox. We also learned bus stops, near side, mid block, and far side. As well as everything else we learned in day 1 and 2.
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