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  1. Does anyone still have hope for the anymore? It seems as there is always some type of interruption going on that does not allow smooth subway operation.
  2. So does anyone actually see improvements with all the R188's and R62's swap?
  3. I think Jessica Ettinger does the best with the announcements. Loud and clear spoken voice, also rather catchy when riding the lines she announces for. But I am no longer a subway rider so I am not sure what is going on with this whole announcement stuff. Just thought I drop in to catch up.
  4. I personally am not liking NYC the way I use to anymore just because of these things going on. I plan on getting out of this city before any of it happens.
  5. How does that happen? If by any chance you know.
  6. I found it very disturbing when an express train runs by a local station. Then again I don't ride on the subway anymore.
  7. Very informative! Thank you! Now, are you a Brooklyn resident? You sure did say a lot and know plenty of information as to where these routes you mentioned take you to. One thing I sort of dislike is, if you look at the subway map, it shows that the runs the same route as the in Brooklyn, yet I hear the never extends that far and terminates at Crown Heights-Utica Ave. Any idea what's with that?
  8. Then I guess I meant to say routes as rather lines. I thought I was wording it right but looks like I wasn't! That is exactly what I am looking for in this thread. As I previously said, I didn't realize I ended up in Brownsville Brooklyn when I rode the to Livonia Ave.
  9. Is it true that you are able to claim MetroCard as a tax deduction?
  10. I figured I would like to discuss it with everyone you know? It helps me get to know New York City a lot better even though I am a full blown New York Native. I have always stayed in my home which is the line. But as I mentioned before I always get curious as to where I would end up if I took another train line to its ending points. As in my favorite line, well I can't really choose right now since there are still trains I have not yet been on. But I do like the line and am pretty familiar with the places it takes you to and pass by. I never went to Far Rockaway and never ridden the or either. But now I am curious to see what the environment is like now since you described it. I do plan to take the time to go there and explore.
  11. I see. Now would those be good or bad neighborhoods of New York? Now mind you, I do not intend to be disrespectful at all. I really just wanted to get to know New York City a little bit better even though I have lived here for my whole life.
  12. So today I took a trip on the line to Brooklyn for the first time and got off at Livonia Av. I figured why not hop on the back to Manhattan. As I got off the station from the , I realized that I was in neighborhood way beyond out of where I was born in. I walked over to the train station that just so happen to be Junius Street. Now, I have never ridden all of the subway lines because I have no business going elsewhere. Although, from time to time I get very curious to see what the environment of a certain train line looks like. So I thought to myself, why not take a train else where to see what is out there. I was off work early and had free time on my hands. But after today experience going to Brooklyn I asked myself, why not discuss what neighborhoods does each train line pass by. That includes from letter to number train lines. Now myself I am only familiar with the and lines as to where they go and what neighborhoods they pass by. As for the other train lines I know nothing about what neighborhoods they pass by but am very curious!
  13. Woah Woah, this is actually pretty funny haha. I didn't think anyone would keep commenting on this thread. I was originally just looking for some answers as to why train cars run via the line and vise versa. But thank you everyone! Everyone has some pretty interesting stories and I am glad I took the time to read everyone's comments.
  14. Yeah that would be awesome. Then the people of NYC would actually be able to feel like NYC is all one big community. Staten Island needs to become a part of the transit system.
  15. Yeah that's what I meant. Like I see train cars running the line. It's kind of weird that's all.
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