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  1. Finished my first week. Right now they putting me at a new depot for the next couple weeks. And then some training sessions at some point like for the forklift. They told me what my shift is gonnna be already too. So I'll start my shift at my base depot after more training. It's a pretty good gig. Just show up on time and do what you came to do really. And you will be fine. Supervisors seem to be encouraging as well when it comes to taking promo exams. The ones I've seen so far they want you to climb up in the company which is good.
  2. Nah not yet. Should be starting August 7. 2 day orientation and then Wednesday report to the location.
  3. Went well today. Got start date and everything. Never had to a medical either.. Just gotta give my current job notice tomorrow.. they gonna be pissed lol cuz i started with them 4 months ago.. ahh well.. gotta make this happen
  4. I got called today to come in for final processing tomorrow.. looks like there are vacancies.. hope it works out!
  5. Yeah.. I went in on Monday. same thing they told me that they will email WithIn 90 days. Were there any other people doing pre employment from this same exam when u were there?
  6. I got another pre employment letter to come in this week. My list number is 47. This will be met second time doing pre employment. Anybody else got a letter too?
  7. Wow. If i had caught this exam notice back then I would have sent in an application. Wonder if it's too late since we're already passed the deadline?
  8. Well that's good if they're calling people in. Last time i checked 01-e was something internal. But since the list is out that's a good sign you got called.
  9. lol oh my god... I don't know what the mta is on. but they emailed me saying the department has cancelled the vacancy and they apologize for any inconvenience. and that they will contact me when there's a vacancy. That was weird and got my hopes up for nothing lol
  10. Got an email today saying i passed the pre employment process and i'm to come in for final processing Monday March 6. Maybe positions are opening up again. I'm skipping work for this on Monday. If I get an offer I hope they'll be reasonable about a start date. I would much prefer to give my current job a 2 weeks notice. That's if final processing ends with start date and other information.
  11. That's what I thought too. Yeah. It seems some people got letters as far back as early 2016. And they didn't get hired for this position. Maybe they're just sending letters to some people every year until there are openings and then they publish the list and hire who started the process already? I dunno.
  12. Well. I called the Monday morning explaining my situation and they told me I could come in yesterday which was Tuesday. I went in 7:30am. Did the paperwork and the drug test. Then after everything they told me they would email me between 3 days and 3 months from yesterday. So I'm not sure what's gonna happen from there lol. keeping fingers crossed. The letter was for stock worker 01-e. Similar to what jj158 got. Is that provisional/ temporary? I know the list isn't out as yet. They told me it wasn't out, but my letter had my list number on there as #41. So I'm not sure what the hiring needs are right now and if the provisional opportunity is a good or bad thing.
  13. I feel stupid. I just received a letter in my mail saying to report to Brooklyn to begin the pre employment process. I had moved a couple months ago and this letter was sent to my old address on January 23, 2017. And then USPS delivered it in my mail today Feb 3, 2017 at my new address. And the date to report is today Feb 3, 2017. SMH. I'm wondering if I just missed the opportunity. I plan to call first thing Monday morning to see if I can explain or get back on the list at least. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  14. Sorry. I meant I sat the morning exam. I didn't attend the protest session. Didn't get the time.. Anybody did? And any details?
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