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  1. I finished up the first day at Livingston St about noon today. It didn't seem so bad, I guess because I was prepared to be there all day thanks to all the info from the forum. Super excited I wasn't there all day. Big shout to Sparrow, the printout from SSA was very helpful and proved critical as well. Thanks again, now I'll wait for the next call for medical.
  2. I went to AS A today and got my printout. Thanks Sparrow it wad just what I needed. Livingston St in the AM. Thanks for all the feedback everyone here in the forum.
  3. Thanks sparrow, that's the clarity I was looking for. i'll pay the $115 and patiently await this new journey in this thing we call life. Much Appreciated!!!
  4. I appreciate all the feedback that's being shared here. Idont want to be disqualified or penalized for not having all my employment listed on the application. I see Seven said 10 years is enough, I have that easily. I have the last 22 years. The letter I received stated all employment since high school. Sparrow, Has anyone else experienced 10 years being enough employment history. Sparrow, I receive your answer, just trying to save the $115 if I can.
  5. I received my pre-employment package to come in on Friday 6/30/17. I can't remember a couple of jobs prior to 1995, Does anyone know where I can begin to search to get this info. I tried the IRS and social security with no success. Any feedback before Friday would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks Sergio, just what I needed to know. I would have to resign from my job.
  7. Can anyone answer this question please. If you qualify during the initial 10 training, do you continue right into the remaining 4 weeks of training? I plan to use vacation time for the initial 10 days, and I'm curious about hiw tonproceed with my current job after qualifying.
  8. Thanks Physcoles, I did have the wrong number.
  9. This might sound crazy but can someone give me the DCAS telephone number. I need to see where I stand, thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the updates, very helpful.
  11. Thanks Krueger, I appreciate the response.
  12. Does anyone know what number they're up to on the list
  13. Hi, I'm new to this site and this is my first time posting. I appreciate all the info great work everyone. I pass 4600 have my list number and now I'm just wondering if anyone knows what number they're up to with exam 4600?
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