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  1. So with this overtime thing, we have the option of either banking it, or cashing it out and getting time and a half pay. So, if you have a run that pays 49 hours can you bank that because its over 40 hrs, or it has to be unscheduled like working on one of your RDO's, or clearing late?
  2. Ok, so that means I won't have to pick up children from schools, Or something else? Im Kinda confused.
  3. Ok, and with the school tripper routes, how is that than?
  4. Hey guys, so I got forced to Queens, I picked Jamaica depot. Have to be there tomorrow at 8a.m. Quick question, what bus routes operates out of the bus depot?
  5. I triple asked Superintendent Siegel when we we're doing equipment training at Jamaica depot and he told us 1500-2300 on Monday. What time does Zerega open up on Monday ?
  6. Nope they told my group when we trained on the nova and new flyer bus its 1500-2300 HRS
  7. I have to go to Zerega tomorrow from 3P.M. to 11P.M., is it hard to find parking in the afternoon around the area during that time?
  8. Yes. My group of 4 is going back to Zerega Monday at 3p.m., I guess on Monday we will find out which Depot we get?
  9. Yes, come to think about it, it does make sense. Quick question, when I do a relief for a bus operator, do I walk to the bus stop and wait there or take a bus there? Also, let's say the operator im relieving, has damage on the bus they cannot explain, should I refuse the bus? And if so, who do I tell?
  10. Yes my group of 4 got to drive the new flyer bus model, We didn't get a chance to drive the Nova bus, tomorrow we will do that. Personally, I don't like the brakes on the new flyer bus, its so hard and stiff, plus it has an interlock feature on it that after depressing it for 3 seconds, itll sink and then you can take your foot off the brake pedal. I'm not a fan of it, I like the Orion brakes, they're very smooth to depress. So after tomorrow, I guess we will be off for Saturday, how about Sunday, do you think we will be working or have to go to Zerega, or we'll be off that day too?
  11. yeah, i drove in today, i got there around 7a.m. today. Found parking two blocks away. have to be there tomorrow at 8:30a.m. Will leave early again.
  12. Ok, so hire date begins day 0 when we went to Zerega? I know any day outside of the operators seat is a good day.
  13. Ok, is there parking around Jamaica depot?
  14. Hi guys, so I qualified today, tomorrow I'm going to Jamaica Depot. Question, when does Line training begin? When do I get a schedule?
  15. Thanks. and best of luck to you too in your journey in life!
  16. Darn, sorry to hear that, I wish you the best of luck. Don't feel bad.
  17. Hello, we did day 6 today around union square, park avenue, 34th street, everything went good today, thank goodness. One more day, wish me luck guys!
  18. It's basically a questionaire for new hires that they make you complete online before going to 180 livingston street. They ask questions about covid; have you tested positvie for covid-19? Where you in close proximity to someone who has covid-19? Those types of questions!
  19. Thanks. Yes the health questionaire that's in your email from transit, click on the link and follow the directions in the email and in the link. Good Luck!
  20. So just got back a little while ago, We were in Manhattan driving around central park and the upper east side. And we drove a few times through the traverse underneath central park. I messed up while turning right from central park west onto 86 street. I drifted and turned before I lined up my reference point. We also, did some highway driving. That I did good on so, going forward with tomorrow, I'm going to keep my bus straight and line up my reference point and not turn until I'm at the proper point. I know tomorrow we have to do good along with day 7 to qualify, I just have one question. Will the instructor give us pointers about what to do or its up to us to know what to do what we have been taught?
  21. That wasnt my group, my group was in 4441.

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