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  1. Congrats to you MrCka and LOQV on being sworn in for April class. I myself clear probation in May and it's great to see guys and females alike move along the same path I've taken myself and I'm still taken. Good luck to those still waiting for a chance to be sworn in before this list terminates in September 2016.
  2. If you lost 4 classmates to the signals exam, respectfully this job wasn't meant for them. The test isn't that hard but you need to study and comprehend them to proceed in the training. Good luck moving fwd and continue your studies during Yard Posting and YX. You don't wanna get that far and possibly fail your second signal exam.
  3. The best advice I can say for the signals exam, is learn ALL of your signals. Don't approach this as a test and something you have to "study". Learn the job and the signal exam will take care of itself.
  4. Yes, I'm still training as of right now in the YX portion of the schedule. And the job is great. I tend to stay away from giving school car advice to those that aren't on the job yet because every individual experience is different. I will say enjoy this time you have with your family now and when school car starts, immerse yourself 100% into learning all your equipment and studying your signals. If you do that everything else will fall in place most times. Stay well.
  5. Hello, I've seen all the posts regarding to hiring and wanted to chime in. I first received my pre employment letter on October 15, 2014 and was invited to take my drug test on October 18, 2014. After the drug test, I was told to wait 2-90 days for my phone call to compete my final processing. Unfortunately, I never received that phone call in that 2-90 day period and my 90 days expired January 20, 2015. In that period I missed an October, December and February class during that same timeframe. I received my second phone call on Friday May 1, 2015 and was invited to come back May 6, 2015 to compete my second urinalysis and final processing/medical. I was sworn in that same day and was placed into the May 18, 2015 class, which gave me less than two weeks to resign from my employer at the time. I use my experience to juxtapose to everybody waiting be patient and don't stress yourself and family about a process you can't control. The last thing you wanna do is look at your phone log everyday for missed calls and/or your mail box for a letter. It could be very stressful on you and your loved ones, if they're too taking on your stress. To those waiting for a call to return to take a drug test, it'll happen. To those with a list number of 4,691 or lower you have a great chance of getting hired too. I have been on the job since May of this year and things are going well thus far. However, I would advise that you guys focus on things like having great health and your 21 page booklet complete so you have nothing that holds up your employment. Landing this job and getting through training will have its own pressure and stresses. Be patient now and let the process of hiring take care of itself. Stay well everyone....
  6. Enjoy ALL the time you're going to have available to yourself and your family before October 26th. Once class/work starts that'll diminish a lot, so enjoy the time now. When you begin you'll be thankful that you did. Good luck guys.
  7. Your first paycheck will be Thursday September 10th and every two weeks after. The pay cycle begins Sunday August 23rd and ends Saturday September 5th. As for direct deposit you can gather the info on how to set that up sometime during your orientation. You can sort of map out your respective pay cycles/dates moving forward from that tidbit. Good luck and congratulations!
  8. Congrats and good luck. I'm happy for you!
  9. WestEndMan, The signal test is still one and done. If you get a question wrong that's your job. The second signal test was added because students left school car to the YX program and some at Road Posting had incidents regarding signals while operating equipment. This second signal test is given after Yard Posting is completed in about 2 months. Also, there is now a signal practical given the same day as your first signal exam. The practical will consist of students being able to execute a Call-On and Key By a red automatic. Several TSS have informed current students this is because students that came before the current crop stated they never were instructed how to operate equipment when coming across those signals. If anything students now have two more occurrences where they can potentially lose their jobs. The signal practical and the second signal exam. To summarize that the new students have it easier is actually NOT the case. Stay well. Excuse the caps on "NOT" that was Swype on my phone. That wasn't my intention. Stay well.
  10. If I'm correct it's the last list number eligible to be hired if the list goes that far for need of employment from the agency.
  11. Hello guys, Sorry for lack everything has been moving really fast this first week with orientation and the first day of school car. I'm just trying my best to focus and take everything in. For those interested I haven't heard nothing of future classes unfortunately on my end. If that changes I'll be sure to pass that information along. Stay well all and I'll will periodically respond when I have the time to do so. *Lack of updates
  12. Hey Brakeman, I was checking in to see if you ever resolved your medical hold in time to make May 18th class? Hopefully all went well on your end.
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