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  1. I've been working for the MTA mabstoa for 8 months. Almost done with probation. Just out of curiosity what can get a person on their probationary period extended. I want to avoid it from happening to me.
  2. @duecedrives. Congrats. Who was you supt.? I'm 5 months in its great but def not easy. Hit me up if you need advice?
  3. I'm 3 months in and just curious on tips on how to pass and finish probation successfully
  4. I passed on day 7 and in line training now almost done in 2 weeks. For anyone waiting I suggest you get your cdl in advance. If you pass the 10 day training on day 10 you have one shot at Dmv. Would suck to pass 10 day training and fail Dmv. Just listen to your instructor, they will have the tools for you to pass. Use your mirrors. Mirrors mirrors mirrors. 4 ft clearance on right side and don't run Any yellow lights. You will be fine if you follow these rules.
  5. Everything went well on day 6. Should qualify day 7. I heard it's easy. Will be back in the Bronx. The city was iiiiiinnnnnnttttteeennnsee
  6. Going on day 6 tomorrow. Looking to pass on day 7. What should I expect? And what advice can anyone give me?
  7. Going on day 6 tomorrow. Looking to pass on day 7. What should I expect? And what advice can anyone give me?
  8. Ok one more thing. How hard is it to scan mirrors every 3-5 sec? Do they really expect every 3-5. If so your hardly looking at the road? Can you give me some further advice? I want to cover all areas before going in on Monday.
  9. @lisandrojosh9. I'm going for my 10 day training on Monday. Is there any advice I'm nervous as hell
  10. @youngnycsubwayfan. What advice can you give me to pass the 10 day training? And what was it that made you fail?
  11. @future Mabstoa. Can you tell me about what I should know about training I go June 13. Any advice? I already have my full cdl. Should I be worried lol?
  12. @bmx360. I start june13 pls tell me how training is
  13. @youngnycsubwayfan. You really know your stuff. I really appreciate the time and advice you gave me. Without you I would of been put on hold. I just got hired. To everyone out there that needs advice he's the one to ask. He's extremely knowledgeable. Thanks again YOUNGNYCSUBAYFAN
  14. @youngnycsubayfan. I'm getting a note today from my doctor stating specifically that my blood pressure is good enough to drive as part of the job and is being controlled. Is there anything else I should get to be cleared? Should I be fine with that with conjunction with the bottle of my bp medicine?
  15. @youngnycsubwayfan. Do they at least take to account that candidates that go to medical and take the bp test have some sort of anxiety or nervousness?
  16. @youngnycsubwayfan. Isn't bringing my bp medicine in to medical proof that it's being held under control with conjunction of my letter saying that I'm medically able to drive as part of the job?
  17. @youngnycsubwayfan. The letter states, on 5/19/16 I was seen by dr. &$@&$ and I am clinically and medically able to drive as part of the job. Do you think that is ok in conjunction with a physical bottle of the bp medicine I'm on showing that is being controlled? And what happens in medical if it's high cuz of being nervous or anxiety?
  18. What is the procedure if you have high bp? If I go to medical with a note of clearance stating that I'm medically able to drive as part of the job, from my physician in advance will they clear me?
  19. I got my call to go in for medical on Wednesday. Coincidentally I had a doctors appt today. Blood pressure was alittle high but I was given a notice of clearance to drive as part of the job. Will I get cleared from medical? Should I be fine?
  20. When do they ask for any criminal disposition ? I did the drug test and they didn't ask for anything
  21. Just took my drug test at 180 Livingston st. Di they call or email me? And how long after the drug test do I receive either?
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