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  1. How are run boxes on MTA Buses (either or, doesn't matter which division) controlled? Is it via a small panel on the driver console, or at the box with dials & knobs (or something else)? 

    1. RTSTdrive


      Dials and knobs or for the majority of buses. For the 2014-16 Prevosts, its controlled like the electronic signage

  2. sooooooooooooo where's that pilot XN60 gone? :huh:

  3. How can I get a thread deleted?

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      You can always inbox one of us mods.


      I already deleted your duped topic btw.

  4. ¿que te gusta comer?

  5. There are so many detailed rosters of the MTA, but none of retired buses.

    1. LegoBrickBreaker101


      There's one on the forums of scrapped buses: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/47568-mta-bus-operations-scrapped-equipment-list/page-1


      Unless you mean one with all the retired buses throughout the fleet history. There's one on Wikipedia right here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retired_MTA_Regional_Bus_Operations_bus_fleet

  6. Where are all these kid-like transit fans people talk about?

  7. Anyone have a video ride on 3563?

    1. NewFlyer504


      Never mind..found some.

  8. Thanks for the info!

  9. I wonder if it's difficult driving an MCI in NYC

    1. paulrivera


      Like my uncle used to say when driving an MCI: Don't start your left or right turns until you get the nose of the bus on the second lane of the street you're turning on. He included parking lanes for the purpose of this discussion.

    2. paulrivera


      Once you get past the turns and you don't go where you shouldn't, it's not too hard driving an MCI in the city.

    3. SevenEleven


      It's not hard. You just have to be very conscious of what's around your bus, especially through your turns.

  10. Did a lot this past year, life-wise...last year around this time, I was a scrub going to the scrubby run-down (but somewhat new) Wal-Mart...now grown folk throw money at me for buses (If you knew who I was, you'd know exactly what I was talking about), and I take HD pics.

  11. Next question: Does anyone know of a video of a 2nd Gen LFS with a Cummins ISL And Allison B-400R?

  12. I wonder how much one has to shell out to get a camera that performs well at night

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    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      Not even 350. A bridge camera or a decent point and shoot can perform well at night. It's not about the camera, it's how you use it.

    3. ttcsubwayfan


      Exactly. If you can't take good photos, the most expensive camera in the world won't save you...

    4. NewFlyer504


      Thanks for the wisdom

  13. I just realized I've been here a year. Thrn when I think about ut, it doesn't seem like long

  14. I hate Geometry class

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    2. NewFlyer504


      That would indeed be interesting...except for the fact that I have wn A in that class. The teacher just gets on my nerves a lot.

    3. peacemak3r


      So you hate the teacher not the class. haha As I hate my OS professor.

    4. NewFlyer504


      That class,and Civics. The Civics teacher always has coffee in the morning. Kills everyone's mood when we enter there x_x

  15. Is it bad I haven't had a girlfriend yet?

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    2. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      lol... Don't worry, when it's meant to happen it'll happen, and it's great. You'll hang out all of the time. There's also female friends which are great, as they introduce you to other chicks. I have a chick that I hang out with from time to time.

    3. NewFlyer504


      OK. Thanks for the insightful info, guys.

    4. Harry


      When it happens it happens.

  16. School....uuuugggghhhhh. I just hope people there aren't as smart.

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    2. ttcsubwayfan


      LMAO, speaking about getting people to do your homework for you... one time, my friend was being hit on by two girls, who tried to make the sale by saying that he could do their homework for them. I just shook my head and laughed. (He said no, BTW.)

    3. NewFlyer504


      Well, school started, and so far, I know of a few that are at the level I hoped them to be. One tried to borrow my answers this past week, and almost got suspended.

    4. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      lmao... Cheating... A timeless relic...

  17. I'm looking for a few voices for an OMSI ticketpack. Would anyone like to contribute?

  18. I should go to sleep. On the other h a nd, Netflix waits for me. What to do..*tablet falls on face, goes to sleep*

  19. I started the Walking Dead on Netflix. It's a pretty good show so far.

    1. MysteriousBtrain


      Good series. I watch it every new episode.

  20. I wish I could visit the CTtransit garage.

  21. Does anyone have some good photos of the VII NG? I need it for my project. Thanks.

    1. Jdog14


      I have a bunch

  22. Join my Steam Group @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/owtu1564. The first 3 members are moderators

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      An error was encountered while processing your request:


      No group could be retrieved for the given URL

    2. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      Get rid of the period at the end.

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