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  1. So go get it asap..it doesnt take long. I got my letter and didnt have my permit yet..i studied for 2 days and went and got it
  2. U need to get the CDL permit right away. They wont start processing you. Just having the paper receipt is fine and u can take the test over and over again the same day, $5 each part u need to take. Its multiple choice. Why didnt u get it?
  3. yellow light equals red light in transits eyes..such a pain the ass,better off just stopping when unsure so u know. I remember there was a light on 3rd ave it counted down from 22 i got there at 14 and shit started to change..was so pissed and I went through it - instructor didn't see it.
  4. how is everyone doing from the 1/12 class?
  5. Yeah they will want u to take care of it asap..wait til u get to zerega and tell them
  6. That happened to me 30 days prior to getting hired. I was going to fight it.....they said they wouldnt process me til it was settled..i went right to dmv and paid it....pay it asap...if u only would have 2 pts no biggie but if it puts u have over 4 pt threshold then u will have to fight it
  7. what kind of accident was it? Really bad and your fault? I know drivers that had 2-3 accidents on probation and were never extended.
  8. Just heard a new group should get their transfer to Staten Island in February. I believe last group we got was from July. So it sounds like anyone who put there transfer in in August should get the transfer...well at least up to 10-15 of you.
  9. Transit. Every guy I know on DSNY is physically disabled or are off and on. Broken ankles, slipped discs etc etc. You move up the seniority chain qui cker with transit. Not to mention u are picking up garbage everyday over and over....I mean we kinda do too lol but its different. Plus we make more.
  10. The book is bullshit. Living in NY knowing the location of the Empire State Building is almost common sense. There aren't that many location questions on the test. Makes up an extremely low percentage. Overall the book is bs, they weed out so many people with this test its amazing. A larger percentage of people who fail training come from the bottom of the list. For example in my group about 15 failed, it was 75% pass rate. Once you get to the bottom of the list that pass rate drops to around 50-65% ( HR lady told us). Significant difference. Maybe March/April. System pick just finished last week. Everything was picked and there was excess that were put onto the extra list, they will have days where they come in and just sit and get paid for 8 hours. So the island is full now. You need some people to retire before the spring pick. I hope they do.
  11. Amazing that 30k ppl took the best and only 3600 and changed passed. Embarrassing. That is why the 4600 exam was dumbed down. Similar crap with the FDNY where they loosened the requirements to get minorities into the dept. If u can't cut it...u can't cut it simple. It's just amazing how many uneducated people are out there. How on earth can 26K ppl fail the 2613 exam?
  12. They cant discriminate because you are pregnant.
  13. you don't get sent to SI for 7-10 day training. SI is on the board for the depots you pick or get forced into after you pass the 7-10
  14. A lot of classes from 2613 had people who were forced to SI. It is far from uncommon.
  15. It does not matter. If you get your transfer for whatever reason before general pick, you don't pass it up.
  16. Just do as you are taught and you will be fine. I have a month left on probation. I'm on SI so it moves faster. Fall pick I had a choice of whatever time slot I wanted whether it was AM , early PM late PM or overnight. I went with 1pm to 9pm misc run with Tues Wedns off. That is what I wanted. So I have all the eves off. I could of had Thurs Fri off but the work load was heavier. I do basically shit on my run...my weekends are a little heavy. For the next pick I'm gonna try AMs. U get extended for camera tix right away...accidents u dont. I met a guy who came on a little earlier then me and he had a handful of accidents..some his fault and some not..not extended til 4th one. U driving in or are taking PT?
  17. could very well be a hiring freeze, a ton of drivers hired over the last year. They have there retirements in because operators were holding on until contract was signed for their retro. That's done with now. Also general pick isn't over til Dec 19th - I don't pick til the 18th.
  18. who knows and who knows if its entirely accurate. Just passing along what was said. yes you will have to take a drug test again & there are no guarantees hiring starts up again after the New Year, it could be a hiring freeze until further notice.
  19. I would assume its a case by case basis, won't know until the time comes.
  20. there is a kid that just passed the training from 10.20 class, he was in the 1900s and said there was a kid on his bus in training with a # in the 2100s
  21. they are building an outlet mall / hotel / resteraunts right next to the ferry - next to the Stadium...already started - with private funds as well so won't have any hold ups.
  22. as long as you pay attention and follow instruction you will be fine. Already a step ahead having the license already, only have to pass the 7-10 day training instead of passing both that and DMV road test.
  23. The Verrazano would be ours, more than enough to fund Staten Island lol

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