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  1. A couple of the 1700s have those now, like 1722 and 1735. Tbh I like how they look
  2. Version 1.0.2 is now ready. Here are a few updates: 2 more signs were added An Update button is now present. Push the button to update the signs The "Listen to Train Crew" sign is now available Here's the Link: https://vschsdorg-my.sharepoint.com/personal/robinsok_vschsd_org/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=07a7db2d75a5f48ab8db23e90d94a7d31&authkey=Ab9A1I2YWzFCVgnim1RBSrY I also have 2 new projects coming soon. When ready i might publish both
  3. i could, reason why i don't is because i don't wanna make the application too long in length, but i can see if i can add more stops somehow, thanks btw
  4. Update 4/15/17 The R160 FIND creator is complete, to download it, click this link below. If any problems, please be sure to tell me. https://vschsdorg-my.sharepoint.com/personal/robinsok_vschsd_org/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=0542535ab3d5846028004032b1414188c&authkey=Ac1lipj_uHD3Dww0dnm0RKI
  5. Nice photos! I like how the back looks, but my only concern is the doors and how there isn't a middle one.
  6. Update 4/3/17 The R160 FIND has had a few minor changes. Here is a list of them: >The "WILL NOT STOP" feature was removed. >Route bullets and the orange was added >2 more station signs were added >The route bullet was slightly moved to the right like an R160 >Text in the top right corner now says "This was made by Kahlel Robinson(Zach Transit) Once fully completed it will go public as soon as i find a platform to upload it to. Here are a few previews: If you would like me to make a sign for you, please be sure to message me ~Zach
  7. I'm thinking about making an R32/R42 sign simulator, but it won't have the "rolling" animation to it. The R62/142/143/188 strip map may also be a little challenging because of the fact that i cannot tilt the textbox's to make it look like actual signs, similar to the R160 FIND creator with the destinations
  8. As soon as it's 100% complete. I still wanna add some things to it, after that i'll make it public for all to see.
  9. This here is a project I've been working on for a few days now. This is an R160 FIND sign creator crafted from Visual Basics 2010 express, and allows anyone to program any IND/BMT route to anywhere they want(even if its hoboken) The routes range from to , and also features the , , and trains. Although i like this project now, i think that it's lacking a few details that the actual FIND system has, which i cannot add due to VB2010 express not being able to those things and my low knowledge of the software since i can just now learning about it. Once this is complete, i want to post this on a downloading website to allow others to do the same and have fun. Here are a few previews of the application: Close Tag PhotoOptions ShareSend Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Photos from Zach Transit's postin Timeline Photos
  10. I like it, as well as the idea of the IND Farmers Blvd/Rosedale Line. Any particular subway car for the (Y), and (PI)?
  11. One other question, what are those 2 lights in the back for? It's located near the fleet number https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MBTA_2016_New_Flyer_XDE40_1847_Demonstration_Bus_in_NYC.jpg
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