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  1. Did anyone else receive a letter in the mail yet after going in for the 2nd drug test?? (Former city agency personnel/Nyct Personnel only)
  2. Im just sit back relaxing waiting on the 1 in 3 rule letter. I was disciplined but never fired and still currently employed by the TA as a bus operator. Needless to say from good friends in supervision i was advised to bring legal action if needed for retro active seniority and defamation of character. I was also told if youre currently employed in the TA under any divison(not civil service) and youre not terminated or hasnt or forced to resign,the TA cannot pass your list simply for conduct/attendence for open competitive exams but if its for promotional reasons they can and most likely will. Again civil service lawyer was contacted and in place if needed. Win/win situation.
  3. I myself have to wait for a letter as well after being called for the job. Probation was extended for me but im still currently employed by the TA. They did go pass my list number and hired more track workers. This should be interesting. 1 more month of probation left to go.
  4. Question : I have a close friend on this same exam list #41X and hes looking to reinstate his name back on the list,does anyone thinks he have a shot at making this class August 8, 2016 if not maybe the next class?? Hes currently a (OA)bus operator.
  5. When i reached the counter when leaving,the hiring manager asked me how do i wanted to be contacted by the transit authority and my response was phone only so he took the form and white out the email info i filled in. That email info i filled in was too outdated Lol. Im also in the #65X range as well. Did anyone else completed the 21 page booklet and ready for medical..??
  6. Just a small outline for those who are still waiting. Filing period for Track worker 3600 July 25,2012 - August 8,2012 fee:61.00 My exam date : March 23,2013 List made public : October 22, 2014 1st drug test. October 5,2015 2nd drug test June 30,2016 Possible/Expected class entry August 8,2016 Score:100 % average wait expected : 2 1/2 3 years.
  7. Smh i thought the authority wouldve contacted people for the next class by now, Its like a race with a turtle and a snail.
  8. I know the pain, i scored 100% and didnt expect to wait this long and still waiting on the next class... track dept must be great...
  9. I really hope they start calling people off this list for the next class sometime soon. Im ready to give it a try...
  10. I think most if not all specialty jobs of track division top pay is 34.50
  11. Im asking for a friend on this same exact list. His list early #700's Does anyone have any idea what the highest list number will be reached in the next class. I know the last list number reached was 601....
  12. On this job you will learn to live in your mirrors and cover your right side the hard way especially if you pick into manhattan division. Timing lights isnt hard. Use the cross walks. Some lights change before others so look ahead at the next cross walk and see what its doing. Ex. 14,23,26,houston 124 manhattan those lights change while the cross walk is still white. So look ahead. As for getting your nose dirty it means to let part of your front bus bumper cover the curb without actually hitting the curb when making turns.
  13. Most people fail because they dont scan their mirrors every 3-5 seconds,not calling out hazards,not properly setting up and executing their turns,not observing /watching for supt leaving their hands in closing doors,not dropping the kneeler in bus stops,going thru yellow lights (Yellow /Red) Same AT ZEREGA !!!! Last but not least,not knowing the true meaning or how to get your nose dirty. Bus ops language..
  14. Bus Operator.I have one year to try that job title if i dont like track worker im coming back to buses.
  15. Most of us are already employed by the transit authority for other job titles. Atleast i know quite a few of us on this same exact list.
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