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  1. All Federal agencies (and most local law enforcement) are two year probation. It's Homeland FFS, what did you expect? You're probably better off with TSA because you can go from there to pretty much any Federal agency you want once you pass Homeland's background check.
  2. Just call 511 and go through the menu and you might eventually get someone. I had 3 or 4 different numbers, but it seems I've scrapped them.
  3. Try reading what I said again. I never said it takes 10 years to pick a job, I said it takes that long to pick a job with NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS OFF. You aren't getting nights and weekends off in a year, that's just not happening, and once you do get a steady job that you're happy with, you have to worry about somebody else picking you off of it. And there's no incentive to taking a promotion because you start from the bottom all over again. If you work as a Conductor for 10 years, finally get the job you want and then take a promotion to T/O, you start at the bottom, working terrible schedules all over God's creation while you build up seniority in the towers. That's not the life I want, working 10pm one day, 4am the next, mandatory doubles, every weekend and holiday, having to report in a blizzard just to sit around and not do anything. No thanks, I'm almost 30 years old and I enjoy my life. I'm not going to stop living until I'm old enough to retire, at which point I'll be getting ready to die.
  4. LOL you moron. I have never failed a drug test in my life, mostly because I have never done any type of drugs in my life, including pot. I took a federal job where I can have a life and run my business on the side, and to me that's a hell of a lot better than taking a job that will result in having no freedom. And if you're still waiting to get hired, how can you say with any certainly "it gets better once you can make your own schedule" - You don't get nights and weekends off just by making your own schedule, you need to have the seniority to both pick a job you want and NOT get picked off it by somebody else. That takes years. But good luck with your city job and having no life. I'll take my federal job that will end up paying me more than I'd have made with MTA, and keep running my photography business.
  5. Glad everyone here is all excited to be starting a job that will take away your entire life and make you property of MTA until you're eligible for Social Security. I went down for the drug test months ago and ended up walking away before ever taking the job because I was told I'd have absolutely no life until I'm able to pick a regular job with weekends off, in 8-10 years. No thanks, if I wanted to give away my freedom I'd get arrested.
  6. My college degree. Not sure why that matters since it's a civil service exam and a college education was not one of the requirements the time I took the exam. Edit: And yeah, I'm not willing to give my life away to MTA. I'm a photographer and it makes me happy, and I want to continue to be able to do what I enjoy while realizing that I also need a day job to survive in this town. Transit is not a "regular" job, and I'd rather be poor to be honest. There's no amount of money that would convince me to sign my life over to MTA.
  7. The list was extended to August, it's definite. I went down for my pre-employment crap today; couldn't take the drug test because I didn't have my social security card that i can't find, so they want me to go back when I locate the damn thing. Anyway, this job is absolutely not for me. I can't deal with being on midnights one week and having to report a 10pm one day, 2am the next, midnight the day after that, then being on AMs the following week and having to be in anywhere from 4am to 12pm depending on the day. I don't think I'll be going back for that drug test, I took the test when I was 21 and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. It's not a job I ever wanted, and I'm not willing to turn my life over to MTA for the next 30 years and start living my life at 60 when it's almost over.
  8. Weird, I was told I'm scheduled for tomorrow morning. Does anyone know if school car is still a month behind?
  9. I was told my canvas letter went out on the 22nd and I need to be there 730 Thursday morning. I haven't gotten mail since Friday, so I haven't gotten my letter. Anyone waiting should probably call MTA employment (NOT DCAS)
  10. Hmm, I wonder why that is. I'm gonna have to call tomorrow and see what's up.
  11. Has anyone been called recently? I had my name restored to the list exactly one month ago and I haven't heard anything yet. Of course, I also haven't gotten my mail since Friday ( Has anyone been called recently? I had my name restored to the list exactly one month ago and I haven't heard anything, but I also haven't gotten my mail since Friday (I can understand not getting mail on Saturday, but come on. No reason not to deliver 2 days after the storm) Wondering if anyone else has gone down for the pre employment crap yet.
  12. Ignore anything the recordings at DCAS say, they just haven't been updated, as is usually the case with DCAS. I have it directly from MTA's employment center that the list was extended by 6 months.
  13. I heard something was changing with the new exams and that DCAS would NOT be handling them. They're still responsible for previous exams, though.
  14. I got my confirmation from DCAS that my name was restored to the list, so I assume I'll be getting called rather quickly since my list number is almost 2000 ahead of the last person hired.
  15. That's probably much more likely. They called me for bus operator off this exam as well and I declined but stayed on the list for Conductor. I guess I'll find out for sure in a week or so, but I was told by the employment center that they're definitely accepting reinstatements.
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