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  1. # 600 - 610 when I went in, I was told a call or an email. so make sure you have both up to date.. good luck fyi i'm still waiting for medical..
  2. # 600 - 610 (Update) I got out around 1:30. Definitely worth getting there by 7am. Took my pee test and left. Now waiting medical. Was told the next class starts in aug 8. Good luck guys
  3. # 600 - 610 (Update) I received a letter to comeback for 2nd drug test last week. I'm currently at 180 Livingston. I got here at 7am. No lines. In October I got here at 7:45. Lines were rediculous.
  4. i'm number 600 - 610. I'll let you guys know when i get that letter and keep u updated on process...
  5. hello all i'm taking test april 9th too. If this is anything like the track worker exam #3600 I took. it'll take a while before anyone is called. I scored 100% on the test and still haven't been called yet. I took the exam march 2013. I'm sure to be in the next class or the one following. so basically 3 yrs after taking test. I'm number 600 - 610. also if its anything like the track worker exam, its basically reading comprehension (reading the paragraphs and answer the questions that follow) and simple math that 8th graders can pass. Just and FYI for everyone.
  6. I believe 3rd class. Seems to be moving faster than last yr.
  7. Nice i might be in your class i'm # 600 - 610. Keep us posted. I still haven't received any letter for 2nd drug test. maybe in the next few days
  8. I'm number 600 - 610. I took my first drug test (now expired) in October. I'm still waiting also. As soon as I receive that letter i'll let everyone know here. (crossing my fingers for a July class or sooner). Just keep reading the posts as I have from the beginning and you'll get all the info u need. And thanks to everyone who make this forum very informative..
  9. just got home. so guys when u go be prepared to spend the entire day there. 8 hrs and all I did was fill out some forms and pee in a cup. smh I was told that the next class is 10-26-15 and i should get a call between 3 days to 3 months. if im not in the 10/26 class i'll be in the next. no rush here as im currently working..
  10. Nice hope to meet that Asian chick. I'm preinterview Daveyboy I'm preinterview. This is the first time I've been here and they ask for everything. State I.d. (drivers license or non driver's license) Birth certificate or passport Social security card
  11. I'm hungry waiting to b called. Been here 3 hrs. Haven't eaten. Was going crazy this morning looking for my s.s card. Woke up my wife and she found it in 10 secs.smh. Thanks and Good luck to u too.
  12. Hello everyone I've been following u all from the beginning. Didn't have any I go to share until now. I received my letter 2 days ago an now I'm currently at Livingston. My list # is 600 - 610. I'd like to thank u all for keeping everyone up to date.
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