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  1. you will see how this place work once u get in one person can you tell one thing and another can tell you another, with that being said i heard this from the instructor of the current class
  2. not sure if they are done with the list as of yet ,but what im assuming i know the 8600 exam is coming out sometime this month. so they probably just going to finish up with 95 scores on the 3600 exam. he also stated its going to be a hiring freeze in all departments in the mta soon.
  3. the higest list number in the class right now is 307* it was also stated by the instructors that 2 or 3 more classes was after us and that was going to be it
  4. yea we got the email but the instructors are trying to get the people from the boot company to set it up today before we leave class
  5. same here i think those guys were in a hurry and didnt know what they was talking about but we will see tomorrow
  6. so the april 2 class is currently 6 weeks thats what was said today at the union hall
  7. you never got called for medical yet @+Young+?
  8. been down here since 7 dont worry you will be getting a call real soon they are making a bunch of pre employment packets right now
  9. anybody else get a call today for the april 2nd class?
  10. wish i knew about that 2 years ago that would of made it much easier
  11. my advice is to just reinstate yourself back on the list if you really want the job by writing the letter and faxing it to dcas this happen to me about 2-3years ago i was in the 1-50 range over legacy credits it took about 2 weeks tops for them to find me a place back on the list depending on my score
  12. thanks for good info! @+Young+ they might try to get as much people as they can on this list instead of extending it for another year
  13. i guess it will never make sense just gotta go roll with the punches it may be something new they trying to do with this field thing who knows
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