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  1. Different departments require a lot of hires unfortunately track is old school and rarely moves especially with so much new people that have been called within the last 3 years
  2. It can take years before she actually get called
  3. It’s pretty much like applying to another company
  4. Lol a lot of people that live in Long Island that work here would wish for that but unfortunately you would have to work in the city LIRR is its own sector of transit
  5. And high 700 is pretty good I got called around the 3000’s so you go figure but it was 12k+ that was eligible on my list but I would gestimate they would of started hiring you guys around the next year or 2
  6. It took me 8 years to get hired I pursued other careers but nothing was like this one so I would say it’s worth the wait, granted I’m not saying wait around until they call because we don’t know when they will especially with the whole pandemic thing but if watever your doing at the time they call isn’t what you love than give it a shot, transit trackworker is one of the best jobs around.
  7. No problem and thank you and good luck to all that’s on the eligible list !
  8. a few months ago they came out with the updated seniority list it was over 2000 trackworker I wanna say currently it’s less than 1800 due to retirees people that got fired and died so far
  9. so durning the pandemic they tried to limit work with inspections because it was skeleton crew many people was out sick but with tgc and other emergency work that to be done it was a lot of ot so before and during it’s been ot it all depends on what you are working weather it’s Maintenance days or night , or capital days or night, capital tend to report to different locations daily and stay out for bit but Maintenance can be the same way depending if your a specialist I find every task enjoyable because I am a worker only task I dislike I would say is flagging but it saves lives so I take it serious everyone do
  10. Starting pay right now coming in is a little over 26 dollars and top pay is a little over 36 dollars and there is overtime there are certain months it’s dry but if you are a good worker you can find some somewhere
  11. It’s been a lot going on due to the pandemic there are no talks of hiring as of yet hasn’t been much going on they freezes promotion and picks as of now
  12. Been on the forums for a little while I’m currently a track worker got hired in 17 any questions I’ll be glad to answer
  13. you will see how this place work once u get in one person can you tell one thing and another can tell you another, with that being said i heard this from the instructor of the current class
  14. not sure if they are done with the list as of yet ,but what im assuming i know the 8600 exam is coming out sometime this month. so they probably just going to finish up with 95 scores on the 3600 exam. he also stated its going to be a hiring freeze in all departments in the mta soon.
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