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  1. When you are in training do you get paid weekly or bi weekly?
  2. How long after training do you start working?
  3. Does anyone know if their going to start calling ppl from this list soon?
  4. When they do have classes is it a mixture of different b/o exam list's in the class?
  5. Are they hiring from this list right now?
  6. And if you get a conviction what happens do you get fired?
  7. What happens when you get a ticket while on probation
  8. Did you hire a lawyer or you went to handle by yourself?
  9. I did the pre employment back in February. The ticket is not even in the system yet and it's been a week, so I can't move forward with any thing.
  10. Also what happens if you are on probation and you get over 4 points on your license
  11. I just got a ticket on Saturday and it added 2 points so total now I have 5. I'm probably going to get a lawyer to fight it. I was supposed to go to Livingston on Tuesday. Should I can't my name off the list or leave it?
  12. Hello,I have a question regarding points on your license. I received a violation in January 2017, but I didn't pay the ticket until February 2018 are the points still on my license because it's over 18 months from the date of the initial violation.
  13. Does anyone know when they will start calling ppl on 4105 for training
  14. Does anyone know if classes are every two weeks now
  15. Ok Did my pre employment in February & miss the call back then. So know just waiting for the list number to move up.
  16. Thanks for the update. Called yesterday list number is still 6127
  17. Anyone have info on when the next classes are going to begin?
  18. From the other post I heard 4600 are in classes as well as part time b/o Hopefully 4105 starts going again.

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