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  1. No, NFI was backlogged with other orders which was why they didn't bid for us. They didn't win us over just yet, we still have other companies that are coming in with buses. The only logical reason SEPTA would go back to New Flyer is so they don't have to train the mechanics too much since they're already familiar with New Flyer equipment.
  2. We didn't cut ties... New Flyer didn't bid on our last order so the order went to Novabus. On top of that, SEPTA is buying New Flyer MiDi's. At first SEPTA was pissed cause of the whole LF/LFR/Xcel situation, but we accepted the LFR's and SEPTA actually likes them now. We also have a future order of 525 buses coming up and we were looking heavily into New Flyer once again. it'll be either diesel electric or electric.
  3. EPA's are every 3 years. so there is EPA 07, EPA 10, EPA 13, and soon EPA 16. There isnt a difference between EPAs, they just make the bus quieter
  4. SEPTA's were delayed a year because of Nova. Nova had a recall of about 1,000 buses, and then Nova also had a problem with CTA's Novas and SEPTA's Novas because of an axle leak. I dont know why you guys got "SEPTA Spec" but we got it for more ad space on the back of the bus. In all actuality, that is one of Nova Specs also
  5. Hey guys! I'm semi new to NYCTF, I've been here for a couple years, but I havent been posting much, but hey!! So in the links below are pics and videos of SEPTA's 2014 Novabus LFS and LFS Articulated Hybrids!! Take a minute to check it out! I hope i see you guys sometime soon fanning down here! Before any discrepincies come about, I am iTransitFan on both YouTube and Flickr!! Please support me by subscribing, commenting and liking! It helps me out a bunch
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