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  1. I'll admit, I am guilty of that. Especially when I take the BxM8. I'll ask to be let off at Jarvis and the Bruckner Blvd on the north side so the q50 connection is easier. The stops on that segment are spaced weirdly, like they tried really hard to give the BxM8 its own block to stop on.
  2. In that case express service is starting too early. I know the has the longest running express times in the Bronx, I've been on an express at 11 in the morning and almost 8:30 at night. Maybe adjusting it with fixed times could help.
  3. That's awesome. We need stuff like that to erase confusion on if the buses are going to certain poi. Like when the bee line informs you its connection to the metro north. The 6, 12 and numerous other buses cross the metro north and there's no announcements for those connection. Some of the operator I see on the 6 for month are even aware they intersect the Metro, and they stop literally around the corner from the stations. It would just take the pressure off and make traveling easy, especially since some people don't like to read the designation and ask if the bus is going to the destination that's displayed on the rollsign.
  4. I wish you could have heard it. I've heard the ones where the operator do it themselves, but this one was way too crisp and clean to be an operator. It sound like an LIRR or Metro automation.
  5. That's pretty cool. I hope its a pilot program then. (Correction, bus model is xd60 from my op) I think if they decide to do it, it would only be on the xd60's or mybe the novas as well, especially since they serve on all the articulated lines in the bronx.
  6. Okay, those of you that take the W1/2/3/4/20/21/25/26/55/41/42/45/52/60/61 in the Bronx and the BxM4C in Manhattan are familiar with the automated announcements the bus bus makes depending on where they are to let you know where you are. Last night I was on the 6:40 Bx5 out of Pelham Bay and was greeted with this when the doors opened. The other 20 people on the bus seemed to be pleasantly surprised by it as well. "This is the Bx5 to West Farms Road and Southern Blvd, Via Buckner Blvd, Via Story Ave." Is this a test program of some kind? I just think it's really cool. Also, not sure if this is important, but the bus was a New Flyer XD40 Articulated (#4767).
  7. They pumped up the express for sure. There a quite a few more express runs and the locals are getting more and more infrequent. I once counted four and one 6 local. I think that's only adding to the bunching at Pelham bay. I've been on a train that has been held at Buhre Ave station for 15 minute with two trains ahead of us.
  8. I don't really know much about any express buses out side the Bronx (BxM7/8), but I see them as an alternative, not a real way to get around. I live in Co-op city so if the 5/6 are heavily delayed I'll turn to the express. More times than not, and I've been taking them a lot lately, I never have to worry about missing a BxM7. They run more frequent than schedule and usually come 2 or 3 at a time. They rarely leave people at stops and if anything, they tend to push yellow lights and ride the far left lane until they have to get to a stop. Maybe the routes on the more troubled lines just need a reroute or something of the sort, Or do the opposite of the BxM7/7A and combine some routes. idk
  9. I live in Co-op city and the 6 train is the fastest way for me to get too pelham bay for my 29 bus. Lately the 6 train has been a little more sluggish and delayed than usual. Local trains have been going express at 138th and vice versa during the pm rush. The wait times for trains to get into PB have gotten longer. I was wondering if there is any reasonable way to help reduce the delays. Maybe short turn some local trains at 138th or hunts point and send them back to manhattan if at all possible? The only two stops people really care for after Hunts Point are Elder and Morrison-Soundview and they have the 27 and 4 for the connection. Could it work if the slightly cut down the number of express trains or is the congestion here to stay?
  10. It is about time. Too many people depend on that bus for Story ave for it to stop at 12:20. And the walk they have to take from Hunts point over that bridge is less then safe.
  11. The 5 ridership is high most of the day. It's more of a long distance support for the 6. Every bus that cross the 6 noth of 149th st also crosses the Bx5 at some point, so it gets the load from those buses for the in between poi's. Sending the five into co-op, especially since its trip only last 40 minutes at the worst, would free up space from the Bx23 and Q50. It would follow the Bx12, the turn with Bx23, making the right onto Baychester ave. Evenually termination just behind pathmark.
  12. There's no bus that leaves Pelham Bay that shoots straight to the middle of co-op. The Bx29 only operates every 12-16 minutes and the Bx23 is a joke (5 trips an hour during rush hour), some of which never come. A Bx5 that follows the Bx23 and turns onto Baychester on the Bx28's old throughway would cut crowding down significantly.
  13. Would it work to offer pick up only or stop skip service on bus lines where the end portions don't receive equal opportunity. Ex: The Bx5. The last three stops before the run to Hunts Point often get bypassed by full busses. Being that there is a school in that last stretch, why not have a pick up only along story ave and discharge at those last three stops. It would make space for elder/evergreen which are the stops that get bypassed at the height of the rush.
  14. The bx23/q50 are very spotty lines that have difficulty keeping up with the schedule, especially during pm rush. Why not extend two bx5 runs per hour along the old bx28 route along baychester and terminate them around the corner from the bx 29 or bx 38 to provide a shorter trip to the heart of co-op.
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