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  1. It's shorter and and classes are larger because everyone will be going to cleaning gangs. A ton of new gangs created specifically for cleaning/scraping the tracks.
  2. Not really, majority of the new ppl coming in are going straight to cleaning gangs as that is the big initiative right now. Get the tracks and stations clean and garbage free. Tools are heavy, garbage bags are not that heavy when empty lol
  3. There will be a mini pick and folks will get to choose their location based on seniority in your class.
  4. Your hands on report location will likely either E180 in the Bronx or a location in BK. You report there each morning and from there you are assigned your job for the day. Normally the class gets split in half, however you don't have a choice in where they put you. They decide this on the backend
  5. A lot of transit ppl live in Jersey and commute to work daily. Heck there are some that commute 4 hours each way or you might consider moving a bit closer. It's a steady lifetime career, comes with medical, dental, pension and 401k etc. Your raises are guaranteed each year and your pay can only go up not down. You become a civil servant and that comes with job security after your first year in. Only con is if you don't like to work then might not be for you because there will be days where you have to work and days where it's a easy day. (Mostly easy days though lol)
  6. So talked to couple level 2's today and what they are hearing is that track classes going forward will be about 50 - 60 students per class for at least till mid 2018. Again this is to fill the quota of hiring a ton of workers for the work ahead. The current two classes in track school ( could be the current one in and the upcoming one) will probably be going to cleaning gangs and the ones after that will most likely going to track gangs. Couldn't give definitive answers on how many classes they are expecting for remainder of year. So basically hiring is not done and they will be taking a lot more individuals from this list before they even start to look at the 8600 test. Best of luck.
  7. As far as hiring from what I heard from my main office, MTA will be under a hiring blitz trying to get in an additional 600-800 track workers if memory serves me right. This is due to the State of Emergency issued by the governor. A lot of new gangs including CAT teams (rapid response teams that a lot of senior guys will be bidding into creating more positions for more track workers) will be created and they are trying to fill all positions in terms of track workers for all current gangs How many will be coming off the current 3600 list I am not certain however I know they are not done hiring. I will ask tomorrow and try to get numbers of just how many classes they plan on bringing out of school for the remainder of the year.
  8. I remember that walk I did last year march when I started. The first time is a doozy and feeling certain parts of the fiber walk dip really makes your heart skip a beat. i got out of school and went days and been days for the past year working on the structure and trust me if you go days that fear goes completely away after maybe 2 months. Now I hardly flinch going out here in the Bronx ,especially in the high places like whitlock avenue etc. Wait till you have to walk across the wood sliding instead of fiberwalk, that took a lot of work to get used to and I still feel queasy walking over that stuff. Just take it slow and never rush to keep up, move at your own pace until you feel comfortable moving faster and ask questions if you feel uncertain
  9. Okay I will send a request see If I get in or nah
  10. What Facebook page are you a member of ? The hiring process has been discussed extensively. Do a quick search of the thread and you will find numerous post about it. In regards to your list number, it's quite high and their still only in the hundreds. My best advice, keep working and check back periodically, might be a while before they get to you.
  11. Really, you must have more than one exemption on there. If you are single with no kids your check is more like around 1100 after taxes and fees etc. Overtime does increase it, Sign up for all canvases, during that first year. Depending on what you do its a great way to see different aspects of the job and getting to know your other track workers.
  12. Just met a bunch of new guys who were up in the Bronx at 239St Yard. One of the guys said his list number was 940. Also said the instructor said they were expecting one more class before the end of the year. So to those still waiting .. best of luck ..
  13. Look forward to seeing some of you new guys at E180 in the Bronx for flagging etc. Lots of cribs to be dug lol
  14. If you filed taxes for the jobs you worked then just go look at your tax returns to see what jobs you worked. If you worked off the books, simply put that you were being taken care of by your family during that period. They are concerned about dates and any gaps need an explanation as to why you were not gainfully employed etc.
  15. I wear 10 1/2, got mine in 11. You will get a chance to try them on before you decide what size to take. However the Timberland work boot insoles are pretty good, you can find them on Amazon. Price is around 20-30 bucks per pair. The structure is referring to the elevated subway lines that run in the outer boroughs. See below for an example of it. If I remember in orientation they said 6, however could be 5. Still a long wait for max pay regardless.
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