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  1. i also called and my list number is 413x , hopefully by summer time or so crosses finger
  2. hey Westend man,how your liking the training so far? how do you find driving the train? HOPEFULLY one day i will be there as well
  3. i would like to know whats the difference of a Provisional position? the one im signing up for which is currently on MTA websight doesnt mention if its provisional
  4. Sorry I was confused after I just saw a post that some received a letter with a list number in the 37xx range
  5. ^ wow, your getting there..goodluck man and thanks for answering my questions
  6. im thinking of applying for this position for may 2015,my question is that the application says only Practical test i dont see any written portion for this exam on the application..do anyone know whats on the pratical portion?
  7. You guys think they will ever go up to 413x?
  8. Anyone here ever had a dui or know anyone in the field and still got hired...this is my fear since I was turned down for bus operator because I was within my fourth year and was told by mta to reapply on aug 2015
  9. I know if you scored the same score as someone it goes to priority to the person who signed up for the test first
  10. ^im hoping as well since my list#is 413x just hope my dui is cleared by then
  11. hey guys, question i had recieved a DUI in Aug 2010 in front of my house (stupid mistake) i took the Bus exam,Conductor, and train OP..i rcvd a letter for the Bus exam i took..did everything they asked me to even the drug test..i rcvd a callback telling me i have to re-list my name back in AUG 2015 due to my DUI..so im guessing it takes 5 years to clear a DUI? i took the train op and rcvd a list# 413x and would like to know if i stand any chance of becomming a train OP?..my brother is a train Conducter as we speak and it would be nice to join him..i know i would not get a call back for conductor because of my score of 90,66 list#65xx but it seems i might stand a chance with the train OP thanks guys
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