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  1. took this exam on 4/17, I think I screwed up on the troubleshooting portion of this practical , as for the wiring portion I didn't crimp the wires that great because we were working on a 30 min time frame so I was rushing thru but at the end the instructor did turn on the switch and the lights did come on, is this a good sign? do they actually take the board and examine how you wired it up?
  2. did they give you the mystery board where you have to know the components ?
  3. why do you say you messed up on the trouble shooting? what did you have to test on the trouble shooting portion? Diode? led? resistor? capacitor? Fuse? did you test the Battery as well to make sure it had power? how many parts were they?
  4. wow ammo, sad...no wonder people are just retiring now..i remember when our TSS use to tell us how MTA use to be like working with family..he said that's gone down the drain now
  5. Ammo, smart move going to flagging, with all the BS on the roads its not worth $21 per hour..if you ever promote to another position just promote to non road jobs if that isn't for you..my plan is to become a RCI ,CI or signal maintainer and just ride it till the wheels fall off..you don't want to give up 25 years of your life without having one..RTO people enjoy life after retirement, you want to enjoy life from now .. I hope these new T/O's respect flagging , this is why during schoolcar they would have the T/O play the role of a flagger to see wtf they go thru
  6. just an update, the exam unit are nice people over there, it was no problem of them rescheduling my test date FYI , so I hope this helps anyone else now or in the future
  7. Hopefully that's not the case ,I will call them tomorrow because this practical was supposed to be in February then I received an email that the test was pushed to march so I kept March opened and canceled my vacation and booked in April ,now I received a lether telling me the practical is now in April ,and my luck it's the same week I'm not here ...
  8. is there anyway to reschedule your practical with the mta, so happens that the date of my practical I wont even be in town ,
  9. Hey guys I have a signal exam pratical in April 12th ,but I am leaving on vacation on the 10th my luck ,can something like this be rescheduled?
  10. ok so I have a Signal maintainer exam coming up in march, from what ive been hearing that the test should be the exact same as a CI practical? so there should be 4 parts to this practical? Mystery board, wiring up a board by reading a schematic, trouble shooting a board, and disassemble a valve and putting it back together ? as for the mystery board, you will need to know your resistors,diodes,jump wires,open terminals and capacitors
  11. ok, so this practical should be the same as the CI exam? so there should be 4 parts to this exam?
  12. what is your list#? what dam requirements are needed to be a cleaner, MTA is something else smh
  13. ammo I am 6 2, as well, I know your height is not helping with that job, I would use the C/R position as a stepping stone, get to be a T.O asap ...you get to sit and operate
  14. the job can take a toll on you, I talked to many people prior of be declining the position, its not for everyone, my main job I want to get into is RCI or signal maintainer which I am scheduled to take soon..if I pass and get in I am sure I will see you guys on the road but just cutting out a door or switch a breaker circuit lol amm0 how tall are you? I know height can be a issue with this job bending a lot to open that window and sticking your head out
  15. congratz, just FYI your not official mta employee until you pass that 1 year probation, so keep out of trouble and be humble....don't take any days off and don't be late...most of all don't listen to other people especially the old schoolers and the "know it alls"
  16. is there 4 parts to the practical exam? I know one is wiring up a board by looking at a schematic, another is disassembling a load sensor, what are the other 2?
  17. I know for sure Lincoln tech and TCI are schools they recognized
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