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  1. That split is only happening Friday night to Saturday morning for some reason. After that, it’ll be running the full route from Court Sq to Stillwell for the rest of the weekend.
  2. Those two have been at Meredith for a while, do you mean 1582 and 1583?
  3. The only buses that are scheduled to leave from Queens Blvd are the short turns to 150th Street and to Rockaway Blvd. The buses that run all the way to JFK (local and limited) start along Kew Gardens Road.
  4. The upcoming 2021 XD40 order is an option from the XDE order, so most of the specs on 7851 (including the full roofline) are the same. Same with the 2021 LFS diesels, they're options from the LFS HEV order, which is why the HVAC unit on 8755 is different from the rest of the LFS diesels.
  5. 9667, 9698, and 9712 are all in service now on the M10, M116, and M5, respectively.
  6. Same as the B99 and I’d assume the M99, just saw some signs posted up along 8th Avenue
  7. A bus on the Bx11 was involved in a fire around an hour ago near Jennings Street: at the time, police are saying the fire may have been caused after a motorcycle collided with the bus, and that folks were evacuated before the fire broke out. The bus (which was an XN40, number unknown) looks pretty scorched and in a bad state. Videos and info are on the Citizen app for anyone who's curious. Link: https://go.citizen.com/VXnh3jLE6fb
  8. Yep, April 20th to be exact. I wouldn't be surprised to see the rest of the LFS HEVs in the Bronx and Manhattan start running in service over the next few days.
  9. #9652 was also out on the Bx7 earlier, it should've pulled into KB a few minutes ago.
  10. Well I guess that wasn't its final trip... it's currently in service and running on the QM1 into the city as we speak 🤣
  11. Yep, still the one trip from Fordham Center to Co-Op City and back.
  12. This unit is back at ECH as of today: it ran on the BxM7 this morning and now it’s on the BxM10.
  13. Add 2300 to that as well- the bus ran on the SIM25 this morning.
  14. Negative, that's a BusTime glitch. Btw, #4142 is an ECH bus.
  15. 1561 is also assigned to Meredith according to TTMG, unsure where it physically is at the moment.
  16. R179 code, yes. R46 code, not 100% certain but I'm sure there is one.
  17. Look at it this way: the running from Euclid to 205th is still a for the majority of its route. If you truncated that service to just run between 145th and 205th, that isn't really the anymore, even if the majority of folks know that the is replacing service along the Concourse. I know it seems counterproductive to call the overnight shuttle a "", but it's the most effective way at differentiating the day service where trains from the Bronx are still running into Midtown and Brooklyn, and night service where trains are only running to/from Harlem.
  18. They don't normally run the overnight anyways... And besides the "one-seat ride for folks along the Concourse" argument, why on Earth would you make those crews work extra hours when there can just be a shuttle service instead? And it's not like they'll NEED to waste "all that time changing rollsigns", there'll probably be a few R68 / R68A sets left over at the Concourse Yard that can be used for the overnight shuttle.
  19. To answer your question though, yes it has (it's been there for a week or two now). It was out today as one of the BxM9 College Point trippers, what you saw was that bus deadheading back to the depot.

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