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  1. Damn... that Mayweather - McGregor was truly something,,, sorta anticlimactic but still a great fight!

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      yes, truly trash.

    2. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      What major sport event of the past 15 years HASN'T been trash?

    3. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      ^ Haven't been keeping track, nor ever gave enough of a f**k to.

  2. It's a little heartbreaking to hear that one of your childhood idols has passed away... RIP Chester Bennington

    1. BronxBombers


      I'm devastated by his passing. One of my favorite bands of all time. Their music always puts me in a good mood.

  3. After almost a year and a half of waiting, the day has finally come... and in 12 hours or so, we'll know who our next president is...

    1. JubaionBx12+SBS


      Donald Trump is doing a lot better than I thought.

    2. GojiMet86


      Can't believe the KKK's preferred nominee is winning.

  4. Can't believe that all the Orion Vs are finally gone...

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Remember when SI & Flushing (Stengel) used to be rife with them....


      R.I.P. O5

    2. JubaionBx12+SBS
  5. It honestly feels like there's nothing left to really do these days...

  6. I've been without power for the past 12 hours, and living without power for that amount of time has definitely been... well, let's just say, interesting.

    1. Lance


      I'd imagine so. Hopefully your power has been restored or will be done so ASAP.

    2. LegoBrickBreaker101


      Yeah, it came back on an hour ago. Thanks

  7. Gotta love it when someone with illegal fireworks decides to set them off in the street. Ahh, the 4th of July...

    1. TheNewYorkElevated


      I experience that on my block.

    2. TransitJusticeForAll
  8. I know this is 3 weeks old but this still cracks me up: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFB-Qu3FMYH/

    1. Around the Horn

      Around the Horn

      That's priceless!

  9. Sometimes you just gotta love the beautiful things typos can do...

  10. Jesus... How is it already May? It feels like yesterday was January...

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    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      That's honestly how I felt this morning....days and months are going by faster and faster.

    3. LegoBrickBreaker101


      I've felt that way since last year lol

    4. GojiMet86


      It's already Finals time, jeez.

  11. Can't believe I've been on the forums for over a year now...

    1. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      I can't believe this year will mark my fifth year here.

    2. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      Well this coming year, 2016 marks it

    3. NewFlyer504


      time flies, whether you have fun or not, it seems

  12. Words can't express how happy I am that I just caught a D60HF Bx32...

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