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  1. 6 minutes ago, trainfan22 said:

    Did 5601 come from Gun Hill? I Rode this bus on the M23 and man that bus is dusty. Easily the worst Artic I been on out of Quill since they swapped Novas with CS a few years ago. It had dirty windows like Bronx Nova artics do. Usually Quill buses are very clean, even the M60 assigned units weren't as ragged as 5601 is,  bus also rattled in the engine area while the bus was in motion.

    Nope, it's been at MJQ since it was delivered.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Future ENY OP said:

    5921 is on loan to West Farms from Kingsbridge.. Bus is working on the Bx32.

    Please be advised of the following of the following glitches:

    5968 which is a West Farms artic is NOT in Brooklyn

    4187 which is a Casey Stengel NG is NOT in Brooklyn

    5996 which is a Casey Stengel artic is NOT in Brooklyn

    All to be working on various Jackie Gleason routes.

    Negative on 5921, it's another glitch. Bus just passed me (it's actually #693).


    4 minutes ago, Railfanner Mario said:

    An 60 footer on the Bx32, on a weekend?? that’s strange 

    See above.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Ultimategamer12c said:

    6693 from MHV Depot is retired. 

    6773 is retired from MCH Depot.


    4 hours ago, Future ENY OP said:

    MHV only has 2 on the base left if I stand correct: 6709, 6724

    MCH has left: 6706, 6757, 6760-6761, 6765, 6770-6771, 6776, 6778-6779, 6782-6783, 6785-6786, 6789 (16)

    MQ:  6700, 6711, 6717, 6726, 6732-6733, 6735-6738, 6740, 6743-6747, 6750-6752  (20)

    Negative on 6693, bus is currently on the M104 heading to West Harlem.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Lawrence St said:

    Not exactly, for some reason they're splitting the (G) in two sections, with one running between Court Sq & Bedford-Nostrand and the other between 4th Av-9th St & Coney Island. Would've made more sense to call the southern portion the (S), but it is what it is.

    Side note: Why did they stop running the (F) to Ozone Park overnight during this type of service change? Seems like a waste to have both the (A), (F) and Lefferts (S) running all at once.


    6 hours ago, Abba said:

    What is with the headways on the (C) it’s ridiculous! I hope they run some (A) ,s local .today I wanted one and it was 22 minutes away! 

    Regarding  the (G) change next month, it doesn’t say on the MTA site that it’s split. Where did you see that?

    That split is only happening Friday night to Saturday morning for some reason. After that, it’ll be running the full route from Court Sq to Stillwell for the rest of the weekend.

  5. 2 hours ago, BM5 via Woodhaven said:

    One I haven't seen mentioned is the Q11. Also, since you mention branching somewhere between it's start and end points, the Q10 also applies.

    Speaking of the Q10, is there any consistency of what bus does which routing from Kew Gardens? There's two routes leaving from the station:

    1. Queens Blvd > 82nd Ave > Kew Gardens Road > Lefferts

    2. 80 Road > Austin St > Lefferts 

    I've seen buses do both, but I'm not sure if there's any pattern.


    The only buses that are scheduled to leave from Queens Blvd are the short turns to 150th Street and to Rockaway Blvd. The buses that run all the way to JFK (local and limited) start along Kew Gardens Road.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, FLX9304 said:

    ? On the NF orders: ok so the XD40 7851-7989 design looks more like XDE40s 9500s. Why didn’t they go with the XD40s as they did with 7484-7850 before them? 

    2) Yesterday was odd on the Q32. Mostly the Q32 is routed to 37th St & 5th Ave to 7th, then turn on it to 32nd St-Penn Sta. This one decided to follow the old routing via 34th St. 

    The upcoming 2021 XD40 order is an option from the XDE order, so most of the specs on 7851 (including the full roofline) are the same.

    Same with the 2021 LFS diesels, they're options from the LFS HEV order, which is why the HVAC unit on 8755 is different from the rest of the LFS diesels.

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  7. A bus on the Bx11 was involved in a fire around an hour ago near Jennings Street: at the time, police are saying the fire may have been caused after a motorcycle collided with the bus, and that folks were evacuated before the fire broke out. The bus (which was an XN40, number unknown) looks pretty scorched and in a bad state. Videos and info are on the Citizen app for anyone who's curious.


    Link: https://go.citizen.com/VXnh3jLE6fb


  8. 4 minutes ago, Future ENY OP said:

    Yea. Early morning runs with these buses.  KB has the most right now with 7 buses so I would expect more of these buses to go out daily. I know that OH and MHV are still training.  

    9665 made an appearance on the M11 on Monday (I could be wrong) 

    Yep, April 20th to be exact.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the rest of the LFS HEVs in the Bronx and Manhattan start running in service over the next few days.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Future ENY OP said:

    If any transit photographer out and about today.  9648 just started service at Kingsbridge. Working on the M100. 

    #9652 was also out on the Bx7 earlier, it should've pulled into KB a few minutes ago.

  10. On 4/23/2021 at 10:01 PM, danielhg121 said:

    So #2910 will most likely be making a final trip on the QM6 (10:30 PM) to North Shore Towers and it's unlikely that it'll see service again. The last MTA-operated D4500 with the green flipdot signs and Detroit Diesel engine. Apparently, the operator had to practically beg to pull it out for the afternoon run. I'm sure VG8 will be happy about this haha. 

    Well I guess that wasn't its final trip... it's currently in service and running on the QM1 into the city as we speak 🤣

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  11. 14 hours ago, Calvin said:

    2295, 2300, 2303: Charleston to Castleton 


    21 minutes ago, Future ENY OP said:

    Those 2 didn’t move yet. They are still in Charleston.  2295 is on the SIM26, and 2303 is on the SIM31. Both Charleston lines. Unless Castelton is covering those. Those 2 buses did not move. 

    Add 2300 to that as well- the bus ran on the SIM25 this morning.

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