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  1. 1561 is also assigned to Meredith according to TTMG, unsure where it physically is at the moment.
  2. R179 code, yes. R46 code, not 100% certain but I'm sure there is one.
  3. Look at it this way: the running from Euclid to 205th is still a for the majority of its route. If you truncated that service to just run between 145th and 205th, that isn't really the anymore, even if the majority of folks know that the is replacing service along the Concourse. I know it seems counterproductive to call the overnight shuttle a "", but it's the most effective way at differentiating the day service where trains from the Bronx are still running into Midtown and Brooklyn, and night service where trains are only running to/from Harlem.
  4. They don't normally run the overnight anyways... And besides the "one-seat ride for folks along the Concourse" argument, why on Earth would you make those crews work extra hours when there can just be a shuttle service instead? And it's not like they'll NEED to waste "all that time changing rollsigns", there'll probably be a few R68 / R68A sets left over at the Concourse Yard that can be used for the overnight shuttle.
  5. To answer your question though, yes it has (it's been there for a week or two now). It was out today as one of the BxM9 College Point trippers, what you saw was that bus deadheading back to the depot.
  6. 341- no screens (yet), just spotted it a few minutes ago on the Bx32. 321- unsure but the last time I saw it in July it didn’t have screens (though it could’ve gotten them since then lol) 8076- didn’t have screens as of December, but again it also could gotten the screens since then.
  7. Right now (with the exception of #3131 and #3191), every single bus on the weekend College Point routes is a Prevost. Just thought that was kinda interesting...
  8. #1383 in service at ECH along with #1382 and #1384, all three are out at the moment.
  9. It kinda was... his underlying question was whether or not units were recently transferred from Spring Creek to Yonkers, namely the ones he saw. They aren't. (Yonkers might have sent a few buses to them but that happened a few months ago, not recently). In fact there haven't been any reported transfers between the two depots for at least 2 months now (at least according to the transfers thread). Now maybe I'm wrong and they actually are at Yonkers now, but most likely they were just going to that lot in East Harlem I mentioned earlier. They've been storing buses there during the midday between the AM and PM rush for years now.
  10. IIRC there’s a lot on 128th and 2nd where they often store some express coaches during the week. I’ve seen a few Spring Creek and Far Rockaway buses up there a few years back. They do this so buses don’t have to trek all the way back to Queens and this way they can get buses to Midtown faster. Staten Island does the same thing where they store their buses around the Michael J. Quill depot during the middle of the day so they don’t have to drive all the way back to Staten Island after an AM trip and they can have their buses in Midtown in time for the PM rush.
  11. IIRC they wanted to send the Bx5 up there so that folks had more accessibility to the malls, especially those in the southeast Bronx. The MTA added some shuttle trips on the Bx12 local between Orchard Beach and Pelham Bay to make up for the loss of Bx5 service there.
  12. Chances are it maybe have been at Gun Hill several years ago and never had that sticker replaced (or it did have a Tuskegee sticker on the rear and it might have fallen off or something). Just an FYI, sometimes depots will prematurely slap stickers onto buses, or completely fail to replace them. #5334 has been at Kingsbridge for a little over a year and a half (or two, I don’t recall how long it’s been over there) and that bus still has a Flatbush sticker on it when I saw it back last December. So it’s possible a similar thing happened with #5974.
  13. Actually, CP had one bus out on the route on the first day: #528. To my knowledge it did one round trip on the Q98V then went onto the Q25 / Q65 (I forgot exactly which one but it was one of the Limited routes).
  14. Not only on tracking, found this video from last year of #2906: Probably should’ve linked this originally, but regardless, it’s headed to scrap now. My original point with the tracker was that it was still running a few days ago and not “sent to scrap years ago”. I know that BusTime is not super credible, but said bus has been spotted by others running around in the past few months.
  15. It wasn't scrapped years ago, #2906 last tracked on January 27th of this year on the QM31. Edit: #2905 is currently running on the QM32, so that unit is still in service.
  16. Queens Village occasionally does some of the overnight runs on the Q44. It’s still a QV bus.
  17. They can show up on any route at any time, even the handful of super express runs on the QM2/5/8/20. You’ll definitely see them running during rush hours, but occasionally one might show up during the weekends or off-peak hours on weekdays.
  18. To answer your earlier question though, they’ve been running the SBS XD40s on the B41, B2, and B31 since FLA replaced those XD40s with the articulated buses on the B46 SBS. You’ll only really see them on those three routes since FLA wanted to avoid putting them on the B44, 46, and 49 (so folks don’t accidentally get on thinking they’re the B44 SBS or B46 SBS).
  19. That scanner still works if you use your phone, right? I tend to use Apple Pay when I take the subway / local bus and haven’t used it on the SBS routes yet.
  20. Not everyday. Last week, #1302 and #1303 stayed at the depot (before today they were last seen in service on the 14th and 15th respectively on the QM1) while only #1300 and #1304 went out. Today, #1302 and #1304 were out during the PM rush on the QM35 and QM2. I’d assume once more of the Prevosts start arriving we’ll see them being used more often and more frequently. But when the 4 Prevosts at CP do go out, they show up on any route and usually during rush hours, though they have made a few late night and weekend runs.
  21. ^^ this. They regularly send buses from Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan for driver training. A few years ago they sent an XD40 over to Harlem, and they regularly have several buses (I usually spot Orion Next Gens) from the outer boroughs in Midtown driving around the area for the purpose of training operators. I remember once seeing a couple of Next Gens from Jamaica, Queens Village, and Casey Stengel over by 14th Street and 3rd Avenue, all being used for training.
  22. I don’t think those 25 buses were ever meant to replace the Old Gens... I remember hearing a while back (sometime around 2017-2018) that MTA Bus would be getting 25 buses (presumably XD40s) and they would be sending them all to Eastchester. This was around the time that ECH still had the RTS’ so I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan to send all 25 there has changed, but I guess we’ll find out in the coming months.

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