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  1. He wasn’t at all making the argument that this conversation was “off-topic”, but go off I guess... But seriously, people need to realize that it isn’t all about the depot or the depot’s maintenance... and that’s what the original post was making fun of... people trash the Bronx’s maintenance all the time (and to be fair, it isn’t exactly top notch), but the second it happens to another bus elsewhere, everyone is shocked and can’t believe it. The fact of the matter, like @MysteriousBtrain stated, is that anything can happen to any given bus at any given time, and blaming it solely on a depot‘s maintenance is pretty stupid unless it is actually is their fault, and not some other reason... And to quote a recent post up above: It works both ways sometimes. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. Carry on.
  2. I'm aware, just giving confirmation for anyone that might have thought it was in the local scheme.
  3. Also 5577 is still in the SBS scheme for those wondering.
  4. Here's a screenshot of a video someone took when it happened, back around August 4th. You can't clearly see that it's #808, but you can make out the fact that it's an XN40. I haven't seen any other videos of that bus since, or any pics of the damage. If it makes you feel any better, the last time #808 tracked was Aug. 3rd, here's proof of that:
  5. And 266 at West Farms still has “MTA Bus” decals... 🙄
  6. A Yonkers op said that the bus would leave Yonkers and go to other depots a week after it hit service... it ended up staying there for a month. Not saying he’s right, not saying he’s wrong. But let’s wait and see on this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went back to the manufacturers so they could start production on the rest of the fleet.
  7. Yeah, I acknowledged that... my point was that the uptown and will be replacing the uptown and along 8th Avenue, and the uptown would be replacing both the uptown and that weekend.
  8. IIRC on the weekend of the 25th-28th, uptown trains are running on the from West 4th to 145th (this G.O. obviously isn’t rare), so it seems the 6th Avenue Line will be taking over the uptown 8th Avenue local for those two days while the and are running express, and the will be the sole uptown service on the 6th Avenue Line.
  9. It's a MUCH bigger problem on the "Bx9 Bronx Zoo" short turns. Most of those short turns end at the entrance at 183rd and Southern (which I think is a pretty odd spot to terminate), but its signage is extremely ambiguous, since it travels along the western end of the Bronx Zoo and runs two blocks south of Bronx Park South (the southern end).
  10. IIRC the MTA talked about moving the white line back on buses a while back in an effort to help keep some distance between riders and the driver after the chains and plastic barrier were removed.
  11. Actually it still says the full “Washington Heights” bit, but yeah. Another chance like 168 to 166 was for the routes that end at 3rd Av-138th Street (the Bx1 and Bx2 used to say 136th but now they say 138th...)
  12. How about routes that have a “via” destination sign for only one direction? The SB Bx39’s signs say CLASON PT, whereas the NB Bx39 says WAKEFIELD - 241 ST | via WHITE PLAINS RD The SB Bx7 says WASHINGTON HTS - 168 ST | via BROADWAY whereas the NB Bx7 says RIVERDALE - 263 ST
  13. Nope, they start from both ends (the Bx99 starts trips at 1 from both Woodlawn and Houston Street, and same with the other ones as well)
  14. It’s actually been trackable for about a month or so.
  15. You also have 14th Street and 8th Avenue, where all three routes cross each other in both directions. They share the M14 stop going southbound, but they have two different stops northbound (the B99 shares the northbound M20 stop, and the Bx99 / M99 shares the northwest bound M14 stop).
  16. There’s a little indicator near the wheel and the internal turn signals that lights up when someone hits the stop request sign. I’ve spotted it a few times when I’d stand near the front door.
  17. The bulk of the swap occurred at the beginning of the year, before the pandemic started. IIRC, Jamaica had roughly 5 sets of R46s left when the city started shutting down for COVID-19.
  18. You sure about that? #5784 is on the 39 right now, and that's a GH bus.
  19. To whoever was asking before, the Bx99 seems to be an artic route. #1001 and #1050 are the first buses on the route from Woodlawn and SoHo, respectively.

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