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  1. Not on the XN40s. https://www.nyctransitforums.com/topic/51110-paint-wrap-what-is-it-well-here-is-the-solid-fact-answer/
  2. 720 unwrapped, must be unwrapping more XN40s to get the XN60s in service.
  3. I swear I just saw all of the downtown CPW services on both the local and express tracks during some point on my commute home today...
  4. ^ these are the official ones... It honestly wouldn't kill you to just look things up yourself before asking here, a lot of the things you're asking for could easily be found after a minute of Google searching
  5. Are you joking... Of course kids read ads on the subway... everyone does that
  6. There's track work being done on the express track between 167th and 170th. They probably could use the side track at 167th but they're probably avoiding doing so for some reason...
  7. I figured there shouldn't be so many stops on the Bx9 SBS, since there IS a local variant. I've also taken the Bx9 south of the HH Parkway for the past 4 years, and IMO there doesn't have to be a lot of stops from 262nd to 242nd. However, if I were to revise the stops along Broadway, I'd add a stop at 251st, making the distances between SBS stops along Broadway approx. 0.5 miles apart.
  8. This is how I'd plan the Bx9 SBS if it were to be a thing (which I wouldn't totally be against)... an easy way to avoid the whole Broadway problem is to have there be a Bx9 Local and a Bx9 SBS: The Bx9 Local would run its normal route along Broadway and Kingsbridge Road, and the Bx9 SBS would use Bailey Avenue instead from 225th Street to Van Cortlandt Park South. This way you can avoid having the SBS run underneath the EL and it wouldn't be too far away from Broadway itself (the farthest Bailey Avenue is from Broadway is 1,480 ft and that's only near VCP where the bus probably wouldn't be stopping). Routing would also be the same distance (6.5 miles northbound and 6.2 southbound). Only downside would be that the SBS route wouldn't directly serve the (1) except at 242nd, but at least riders can still take the Bx9 local for Broadway, and this in turn means that the Bx9 SBS wouldn't have to deal with all the Broadway traffic. Stops I'd have for the Bx9 SBS would be (both directions): Tremont Ave And Boston Rd E 180th St and Boston Rd E 180th St and Southern Blvd Southern Blvd and Fordham Rd Fordham Rd and Fordham Plz Kingsbridge Rd and Grand Concourse Kingsbridge Rd and Jerome Ave Kingsbridge Rd and University Ave Kingsbridge Rd and Sedgwick Ave Kingsbridge Rd and Bailey Ave / Heath Ave Bailey Ave and 231st St Bailey Ave and 238th St Broadway and 242nd St Broadway and 254th St Broadway and 262nd St
  9. There's one out today as well. #1426-30 and #1486-1490.
  10. Not all of them, there were at least two sets that went up to Woodlawn today
  11. http://www.silive.com/news/2018/04/double_decker_x17j_to_start_ro.html The Alexander Dennis Enviro500 will start running this week on the X17J, and the MTA has posted times that it'll be running:
  12. Any reported loans on the IRT lines today? I'm guessing there'll at least be some R62As on the (4) this weekend...
  13. You do realize that all the express buses in our system have those kinds of seats, rights?... As for the delay caused by people not wanting to walk down the stairs while the bus is in motion, that isn't too big of a deal. You'd be losing at most a minute of time there at every stop.
  14. Unless 6083 moved from GA to MJQ in the span of two hours, it's still at GA. I rode it on the Shuttle at around 6:30 PM today. Again, it could have totally moved to MJQ within two hours since I last saw it, but I just want to make sure it's actually physically there at MJQ and not just in the system at MJQ.
  15. MTA Service Status Service Change Posted: 04/05/2018 6:37PM Southbound and trains are not running between Chambers St and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr because of a disabled train near Wall St. The train has returned to Wall St and has been taken out of passenger service. Service changes continue pending an ongoing NYC Transit investigation. We are working to restore regular and southbound service to Brooklyn as soon as possible. Northbound and service, which had earlier been routed via the and lines, is operating normally. Southbound trains are stopping along the line from 149 St-Grand Concourse to Nevins St. Southbound trains are stopping along the line from Chambers St and end at South Ferry. Southbound and trains are running local from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to Franklin Av. Passengers at bypassed stations may request a block ticket from station agents to re-enter the system for service on nearby lines. For service from Manhattan to Brooklyn passengers are advised to use the , , , , , , , or train service. Expect delays in , , , and train service
  16. They'll run out of Grand Avenue... MHV will probably get them when they get the rest of the order.
  17. They haven't confirmed anything, but there's more to the XDE40s going to GA than that. As @JeremiahC99 said GA is currently the Bus Operations Engineering HQ. Besides, they also have the XD40s so training on these buses shouldn't take too much time as opposed to MHV where many operators probably haven't driven an Xcelsior.

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