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  1. 7087 and 7078 so far, they're only on the Bx15, but more could pop up on other routes.
  2. Looks like the Bronx is getting a ton of loans. LFSA 5524 is on the Bx1, 5596 was on the Bx12 SBS, 6057 is on the Bx28, and a few more
  3. The XE40s have shown up on the M11 in the past if you weren't aware. Here's a video of one
  4. As of the 13th, 5439 is still in the SBS scheme, and 5441 hasn't seen service since it left Flatbush. The XD40s at Flatbush are a different case, as they won't be going back into regular SBS service, and there's already a local scheme variant of the XD40s. The two Novas at Kingsbridge could easily get moved somewhere else and be placed back into SBS service, or those Novas at Flatbush could come to Kingsbridge, only time will tell I guess. As far as I know, there isn't a local scheme wrap available for the LFSA smartbus (not that it wouldn't be easy to make, just a little manipulation of the blue LFS scheme and boom, done) But hey, anything's possible. I put my 2 cents in but at the end of the day, this is the MTA we're talking about. As always, the best course of action here is to wait and see.
  5. They're still in the SBS scheme, and will most likely stay that way. There's really no reason for them to even be in the local scheme. The rest of the 2016-2019 LFSA fleet are in the SBS scheme, and it doesn't make much sense to wrap those two buses in a local scheme, if there's a really good chance they're probably end up back in the SBS scheme. Besides, they were "supposed" to go to Gun Hill, but Kingsbridge is fighting to keep them. And the argument that "having them in the SBS scheme would confuse riders" is moot, as none of the Kingsbridge routes have an SBS variant nor do they run alongside an SBS route, with the exception of the Bx9 which run with the Bx12 SBS, However, the Bx9 stops on Fordham Road are across the street from the Bx12 SBS stops, so there won't be much confusion there if an SBS wrapped bus shows up on the Bx9. TL;DR 5439 and 5441 don't need to be placed in the local scheme for any reason so they most likely won't be.
  6. Not really. When they ran the up to Burnside, uptown and trains were stopping on the middle track at 149th, so they wanted to avoid terminating trains at 149th holding up 's.
  7. If anyone was still wondering, #5439 and #5441 are still in the SBS scheme.
  8. That’s the Amtrak to/from Penn Station that travels along the West Side Highway and meets up with the Hudson Line north of Spuyten Duyvil.
  9. The B48, B57, and B60 are moving back to Grand Avenue in exchange for the Q58 which is heading back to Fresh Pond
  10. XE40 #0014 is making a run on the M66, here's a clip from this morning:
  11. They do, Gun Hill usually runs two PM trips on the Bx1 down to 165th. Here's a clip of two of Gun Hill's LFS' doing a run on the Bx1 from June of this year.
  12. For anyone who happens to see it on BusTime, 1066 is “running on the Bx32”, but it’s actually 689 making the trip.
  13. On the S89 it's very common, other route it'll happen occasionally. Especially on the school trips
  14. So there's a water main break at Sedgwick and 195th in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx, and Bx3 buses are being rerouted. The MTA website states the reroute as follows: However, lots of drivers aren't following this and are instead just continuing up University Avenue to Reservoir until they get back onto Sedgwick, which is a lot simpler and more direct than whatever the hell the website says.

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