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  1. List # We have provisional workers that have been in the system twice as long as I have with way more experience and they usually get stuck with shitty picks because they haven't taken or passed the test. It's a shame cause many of them really know their stuff and get shafted, yet there are idiots that don't know a screw driver from a hammer, but have higher seniority because they scored higher on the test.
  2. The interview is nothing more than a short 3 minute sit down asking you random questions about nothing related to work. They just want to make sure that you speak/understand English and that you're able to take direction. Those who spoke English as a first language were in and out, however, I did see a lot of Asian and Russian folks spend up to 30 minutes getting grilled in the same room. For me, I was simply asked how I got there that morning.... Told him I drove in early and that there was no traffic all the way from the Island and that I spent more time looking for parking than I did getting there. He looked at me and said ok that's it, have a seat outside. I was like wtf just happened
  3. I'm already over a year in as a CI, but considering RCI for a couple of reasons: 1) Top pay right away (of course) 2) To get training on all other trains and to get a better understanding on how the system works to help aid in the possibility of a future supervisory position (currently working on R62's and know absolutely nothing about new tech trains) Not sure if I can deal with whatever sh!t shifts I would most likely end up with, which is why I'm curious about my current seniority in the event that I decide to come back to CI
  4. Just curious, but if I were to go for RCI and decided later on to go back to CI, would I keep my current seniority or would I get bumped back down to the bottom of the list?
  5. From what I was told, they won't establish a list for this test until all of those that passed the previous test (5610) are made permanent. Not sure if they started calling them in yet.
  6. Congratz I got the call as well, but it was just a confirmation that I would be receiving the results in the mail. Unfortunately, I placed high on the list (600's) Not sure if/when I'll be made permanent
  7. Did they actually give you results for the practical in September? I took mine back in June and although I was hired in July, we still have yet to get the results of the test.
  8. Did the letter actually say "temporary"? Nothing in any of my stacks of paperwork so far has said temporary or provisional (in 2nd week of training)
  9. Thanks Just drove back from FL non-stop and my entire body is aching Anyone know if there's a specific dress code for orientation? The paperwork only says work clothes for day 3 at Coney Island, but doesn't say anything about 130 Livingston
  10. Finally, I can breathe Got sworn in late this afternoon I must say, it was an absolutely long, miserable day, but that last hour with HR was well worth it Thought I was gunna get grilled on the paperwork line for line, but the rep was extremely friendly and helpful Now the fun begins..... Leaving my truck on the Island and got a flight early morning for Florida to get things squared away with my current job, then pick up my other car and drive back either Monday or Tuesday cause I start on the 27th
  11. Funny you should say that.... On the first day, a big guy fell asleep near the back wall and started snoring like a grizzly bear. No one told him anything and a couple of people broke out their cameras lol
  12. How many barn locations are there in the system total? If given the choice (I'm not sure how work sites are assigned), are there any specific locations to avoid in terms of cleanliness, travel, tolls, work load, parking, etc. ?
  13. Just got the call today Talk about cutting it close lol I was about to leave for Florida tomorrow They said to dress casual due to the tests being performed during the physical They're not gunna make me run laps around the office or anything, right? If so, I'm wearing shorts cause it's just way too hot these days
  14. Has anyone else here been sworn in yet? I'm still waiting on lab results before going in for a full physical and getting anxious
  15. I already spoke with three people at the front desk and tried to explain my situation, but I can't say they were very helpful One said she didn't have a clue and sent me to someone else, another said she has no idea how long of a notice I will get and to just make sure my phone is on with a working voicemail and the last one said that they hold no vacancies for positions, so if I don't show or delay the process, I get bumped until the next training session starts That being said, apart from the medical and background check, will there be a final interview?
  16. Thanks for the info I hope they call soon because I need to get back to FL And if I'm down there, a 2 day notice will be tight since I'm driving
  17. I have most of it filled out already (still kinda fuzzy on the exact years I went to high school(s) as I bounced around quite a bit) Any idea how much notice they give before coming in? Reason I ask is because I'll most likely be in Florida if/when they call When I got the initial call to come in for the Labs, it was nothing more than a quick voicemail telling me to be there the following day I was lucky that I actually checked my voicemail cause I was supposed to leave for Orlando on that day Tried calling them back with no luck, so I just canceled my trip and went in Now the window for a call back is huge, so I'm staying another week just in case, but I need to get back to work cause any time spent up here is lost money down there I signed up for a permanent spot, but have no idea what they might be offering at this point because I didn't expect things to be moving this quickly after the test
  18. Took the CI test a few weeks back and was told that the results wouldn't be available until October when all of the testing has been completed and they would call based on test scores Surprisingly, I got a call to come in last week for Labs at 180 Livingston I swear, that place will make you wish you were at the DMV Waited for hours and they called me into a nearby room for an "English test" that was nothing more than someone asking me about my commute that morning for about a minute, then it was back outside to wait another few hours before giving a urine sample that I had been holding in since 5AM They gave me an application form about half inch thick to fill out at home and said to expect a call between 3 and 90 days That's quite a window, especially for me since I live 1200 miles away and have to travel back and forth for each session Anyways, what comes next in the process? I'm sure there has to be more medical (like a proper physical), but what more do I need to go through before actually starting training? How many more trips to Brooklyn (or anywhere else)?
  19. I dunno I took the CI exam a few weeks ago and when I was done, one of the instructors said the results wouldn't be out until October after all of the testing is completed. Didn't expect to hear anything until then, but out of the blue, they called me in last week for lab processing. I'll tell you one thing, 180 Livingston will make you wish you were at the DMV What a miserable cag-hole that place is.
  20. Got a voicemail earlier today saying to come in for Lab testing in Brooklyn tomorrow. Guess this means I passed (I hope) Kinda short notice cause they requested a lot of stuff I don't have on hand (passport, birth certificate, pay stubs, proof of housing, etc.)
  21. When did you apply? I sent mine in about a week before the deadline and have yet to receive a letter
  22. thanks for the contact. I emailed them a couple nights ago, but no response yet. As for the USPS site, our mail lady said the same thing, so I'm hoping it's just a fluke on their end.
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