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  1. Yes. For the signals test just write out the aspec of it Signal RED / RED - ____STOP SIGNAL____ Definitions and indications test. STOP SIGNAL -___ STOP_____
  2. Don’t get caught up on the word “indication”. To us it means the signals come with an indication and a definition for each one. For the signals test, write out the ASPECT (Name of signal). The verbatim part of the test, it will be stated as INDICATION (Write out definition of the signal). Hope this helps.
  3. The signals, it would be the picture, then write out the name of the signal. All 135 of them. For the indications for the signal, it would be part of the indications and definitions test. !!!VERBATIM!!!
  4. It would specify. Ex: RESTRICTING (ZONE A). For LIRR it would just say Ex: RESTRICTING
  5. Usually for phase 1 it’s at least 14 candidates. After the phase 1 test. The Top 12 scores will go to phase 2. Not including candidates that are waiting for phase 2. So whoever the 12th guy is. He might start the following class. I spoke a student the other day. He said they’re trying to get 18 in class. That’s pretty extreme. Not enough resources, instructors, jobs to go around. They’re are already 40-50 students out there over lapping jobs to work.
  6. It Varys. Could be either one. All depends on the next graduating class. Usually about 2-3 months before they graduate a new phase 1 starts.
  7. If you got interviewed by HR after the Cognitive Test, you passed. If you didn’t you were sent home right away.
  8. Congrats bro. Now the real fun begins. See you around campus.
  9. As per the union. It won’t affect us, but if the carrier wants it, it’s going to happen. Until then they will be pumping out engineers
  10. Lump sum payment is paid out after completion of phase 2.
  11. What’s up Frazzle. Yes you are right. You don’t need to understand what your reading. Just need to memorize it. But sometimes people need to understand what they’re reading to understand it themselves. I always tell people. Don’t get caught up in understanding, it’ll just make it harder. As for the phase 1 classes. And those selected are from various different open houses. Usually they’ll get the top scorers and put them together. Then the next class with be the 90-80 scorers plus whoever is waiting to get in the class. There’s a phase 1 every 2-3 months at the same time a class is graduating. As for the low numbers. It is a lot of information to grasp. Some usually walk out the first day of phase 1 once they see the rule book. It’s definitely not the usual cram for the test type of scenario. Usually by the 3rd week you should have 98% memorized and the last 2 weeks to sharpen the verbatim part of it. Good luck.
  12. You will not get a letter if you failed the S&D. You will get a letter if you didn’t get selected after the panel interview. I could be wrong.
  13. Your scored from day 1. Starting with open house all the way to your final exam. You get an averages score.

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