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  1. Haven’t been on for awhile. I’m surprised I didn’t get any of the replies here in my email. Just to put things in perspective. Train service will be reduced another 5% in a few weeks. As for hiring. There’s a hiring freeze for the next 3 years. no furloughs for the year 2021. They will revisit that option next year may 2022. It really does suck. But hopefully things will start to normalize after the summer. Being optimistic here. Good luck to all.
  2. The class does not help ease the stress. It just adds more. You have start memorizing the book of rules when they give it to you. Example. First Wednesday You will get the book. You go over all the pages and rules leading up to the #100 rules. You have to memorize those. You meet on Saturday you will he tested on what you studied and learned on Wednesday. Every time you meet, more rules are added and more quizzes. It just keeps piling on on top of the signals and definitions. Every time you meet you will get a signals and definition test and before the class is over you will do a verbatim of the definitions or rules on what you learned from the previous class. This will either be done at the beginning of class or end or both. Depends on who the instructor is. Hope this helps ease the stress.
  3. Damn. I thought they only send passing emails. Usually they call you to tell you that you passed.
  4. What’s up bro. Scroll through the forum. This has been answered numerous times. Very helpful info. My advise is you will either know the material or not. Can’t prepare for it. It’s all common sense and reasoning.
  5. I think the background check is before phase 1. Not sure if it changed. But mines was right after the open house. Got a email the next day to start the background check.
  6. Welcome. My suggestion would be to do both.
  7. You’ll learn about them in phase 2. Airbrake is your best friend.
  8. Congrats bro. What a relief wasn’t it? Like a weight has been lifted off the shoulders. Best of luck out there and be careful bro.
  9. Oh wow. Sorry bro. I would’ve hated to wait that long just for an answer. Smh.
  10. During phase 2 you get 11 extra days to go out and practice operating trains on the weekends at straight time. Your schedule is M-F during phase 2.
  11. you also have weekends off in phase 2. and have an additional 11 training days you can use on the weekends at straight time to practice.
  12. There’s only 5 instructors. 5 classes a year.
  13. Should be Jan. there’s a signals and Def class being tested Dec 7th. Probably waiting for those guys to be tested.

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