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  1. If you qualify and call your list number, do you have to accept right away?
  2. Took it on Tuesday, easy test. I was outta there fast. Last thing, the bottom part of the answer sheet was optional right? The gender, education, etc.
  3. Interesting to see PW running a few trips from HPA.
  4. All the weekend work is completed on the 7. When will CBTC be activated?
  5. Wait I'm a bit confused, it says you must activate it before hopping on the train. What happens if you hop on the train then activate the ticket?
  6. Is it me or have I never seen 7437 at Casey STengel?
  7. There are a couple sets that are conducting CBTC testing including 7811-7821 7480-7471 7380-7371 Been Out of service 7870-7860
  8. 7932 is in service. I saw it earlier this week.
  9. I got off at Mets Willets Point so I guess it's a mystery.
  10. Don't know if this was posted but the Q44 SBS is on the strip map
  11. 7521-7525-7526-7930-7530 are already dis-coupled with other sets and in service lol Sets of R188: 40 Sets
  12. Littttttttttt but this was kinda inevitable
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