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  1. The newark light rail went down..... they need buses around 7pm
  2. The 5200's are much faster then the 5800's, but the 5800's drive and ride much smoother then the 5200's....I'll drive a 5800's or higher bus over a 5200's any time
  3. I love driving the 5800's also..... Transit is going to replace the mci first then the 5200-5400's. Transit has to keep the buses a lease 10yrs or more befor they replace them
  4. I hade got word that ther driver die yesterday from a heart attack. P.a.b.t
  5. I like to drive the 5800's better, there much smoother then the 5200, 5300, and 5400's buses
  6. Does anybody know why the 5200's buses rattle so much then the 5800's buses
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