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  1. Things are going fine. Sucks when you are in the sun but all is good. Most people got to use power tools a few times already (some seem to not want to use any tool). Like i said earlier, people waiting to get on the job should start workingout. Walk up and down stairs carrying things in your hand. Carrying ties you will get a good workout, more so on uneven grounds.
  2. People that are waiting should workout..Try carrying weights (50+ pounds) around and holding it for a few mins. as rail road ties are no joke when you got to move them around (carry them). I seen a lot of people breathing heavy as they are not use to doing any type of exercise. Our class will be finished on june 26 then a week after that we will be divided into 4 groups ( one group starting each week ) to go to flagging. It seems for just about all that first day of flagging will be somewhere in brooklyn then 7 days in queens then last day back in brooklyn for a total of 9 days of flagging.
  3. today the bronx people where divide again, to go to work locations to help with some labor.The sun was no joke. you bake with that helmet on. Best thing to do is get light cloths. Gym shirts seem like a good idea and dickies pants or cargo pants. Over the last week a lot of the people we talk to have many years on the job and many are getting ready to retire. Also if you are not very good with using a ruler you should brush up now. If you have duffle bags good as no bags with straps are allowed on the track (a worker got kill a few years ago when the train caught the strap).
  4. No they just wont do days/cap. On friday we used 4 power tools. A rail drill,a drill used to make holes in the wood for the lags/screw, a nut driver/runner and the rail saw. The hard one (or the one most people found the hardest) was the rail saw. Each blade is used about 2 times then replaced. Today we used a chainsaw to cut the wood ties. The bronx people have to be divide again (25 people in bx). So about 10 will goto dyckman ave to finish training.The thing they will tell you the most is be on time. Shoot to get there 30 - 45 mins early.
  5. Last week 1 day we went into the tunnels and stood at the side waiting for trains to pass and another day we stood up on the elevated tracks ( i say half the people didnt like that and 2 guys walk off (they went back onto the platform )). This is the last week at PS248 (thats where the first 3 weeks of training are). We go and get respirators this week and we do our mini pick also (choose where you want to work and hope you get it). 7 day jobs open and the rest are overnights. Then for the next 3 weeks we split with half in the bronx and half in brooklyn for on hands training. then after that 9 days of flagging.
  6. They will test you by watching you use the items (they show you how), dont think its difficult as long as you can start a chainsaw (always from ground and not drop pull) and pick it up and use it. Flagging they say you must get a 100 on that otherwise they wont let you on the tracks. Wave hands or light left to right to sign stop to a train and up and down to say go ahead for the train. So far (it only been first week) it dont seem like its a hard job but its not a job to slack on cause you can get yourself or others hurt or killed.
  7. They said training is for 6 weeks. First 3 is in south brooklyn (3rd to last stop on D train) then the last 3 weeks might either be in bronx or brooklyn (on hands training). They say you will learn how to use some tools (rail saw,chainsaw,etc.) and need to pass. Then after the six week they will call back (to brooklyn) a group of people (1/3 of class ( class is 45 people )) for 9 days of flagging and you MUST pass flagging (100% ). Was giving two pairs of boots (free) from lehigh safety shoes. They are about 3 pounds each shoe (not the pair but each boot) and they are not comfortable (might try gel insoles or super feet). You dont need to dress up for class but no sneakers. We will be going for a respirator fitting 1 week and they said if you have a beard you WILL need to shave it off (the respirator needs to seal around your face) unless you can prove its for religious reasons (you can grow it back after fitting and chose never to use the mask). The class is over ( i think june 26 ).
  8. Well day 2 is done. First 2 days of orientation was about things you should not do in the work place,meeting people (union,etc.) and benefits and a few other things. Day 1 get your id/metro card (its a metro card with your pic and info). The medical,vision,dental for all plans (4 plans = 2 BC/BS and 2 UH ) except 1 is free for you and family. You get other things you can select (life,disablitiy,etc) for a bi-weekly cost. Payday looks to be on thursdays. You get 12 sick days a year and can carry them over. Vacation you cant carry over (BOOOOO). They say you will most likely be working nights for the first few years. Dont think you can work part time. 3rd day will should be getting shoes
  9. Some my questions. Does everyone bring lunch? Where do you go when you have to go bathroom? Is everyone`s paycheck cut from OPA?
  10. From what i was told they still have a few people on the last list that are still getting calls. That list should be almost done with. Once that happens the numbers on the new list should move fast as many people fail drug or drop out.
  11. Yes. Was told will get them first day. Congrats Thanks. Got a ton of t-shirts, looks like i might have to get more pants and lunch box heard from a person that went today that they asked how many people they got and was told about 3/4. So it looks like they still need a few more to fill this class
  12. Anyone thats working on the job now can give feedback on what cloths you wear and what you guys/gals do for lunch and anythings else that you bought for the job.
  13. Thats not true. Did you call on 4-14 and if so what they say? put down what you just said. If you have any kind of proof that`s what you were doing then bring that with you otherwise i would ask people to wright a letter saying you were taking care of so n so and have them sign it. Always a good idea in trying to be one step ahead of something they might ask you to do (which would delay you).GL GL man and keep everyone info what happens.
  14. I wasnt 100% sure on some days also so was told a long time ago to always put the 1st. Many jobs will only give yr and title you did.....if they even ask a job for that info. Thanks, will do.
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