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  1. Source: Staten Island Advance. Now, I'm gonna say this. Whoever predicted that the 5x and 6x were to be eliminated you win. I feel what is missing is that there needs to be MORE bus service along Hylan Blvd, Richmond Avenue, Richmond/Arthur Kill Road. Also, there needs to be more Super Expresses between 5:30AM-9:00AM which is a good chunk of the people leaving the island and heading to Manhattan. The changes in October are the beginning. I believe another set of changes are going to be for January. I would hope its more SIM lines. I think right now there is no New Dorp/Oakwood to Midtown or Downtown. Certain areas like Travis has 1 express bus service.
  2. XDE40's are on the way.... The ones have are the ones from 2018. Kinda wish ordered some 2018's. Hopefully, we can get our hands on the D45CRTLE which are 2019.
  3. Future ENY OP

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam #9100

    In today’s mail. I received a 1/15/19 date for Exam 9100. For those who are inquiring about Exam 9604. Exam filing is extended to October 12th. I don’t think this test will be administered for December 15th. I’m thinking this test will be administered in January 2019 at the earliest.
  4. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Driver side wraps so far. (FB). 4239, 4240, 4594, 4619. Spotted 4239 and 40 sporting wraps this morning on the B49. It seems that they are only putting the wraps on the NG’s only.
  5. NO. NO and NO. I don’t live in The Bronx but that idea is completely bascura 🚮🚮. The Bx40/42 don’t belong at the George Washington Bridge. Leave the 36 and the 40/42 alone. Please and thanks. Management.
  6. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    From what I think ENY is saying that this 82 May turn to be a 7 day operation.
  7. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    There was a recent doc in regards to the 82 being a weekday only SBS. Per: @P3F post
  8. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    2 weeks and counting for service to begin. Hopefully it is 7 days service and not weekdays only.
  9. Future ENY OP

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I’m on the assumption that those buses are headed to Kingsbridge from Manhattan.
  10. Future ENY OP

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Correct. I’m realizing that now. Does that boil the same on the 6th Avenue Express Another issue I have is the express is VERY LIMITED in The Bronx especially on game days. The Concourse/Jerome are by far the worse lines to me in the Bronx.
  11. Future ENY OP

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Actually both. Reason why I say this is b/c years ago I would get on an express from Broadway-East New York to 125th in about 40 mins. Today’s travel is about hour and change and I can only guess b/c of the timers that installed on the line. Yesterday I missed an and train on Nostrand. Waited 5 mins for the next express. Eventually caught the missed train at 42nd. Than while on CPW express to 125th train kept crawling slow after 103rd. SMDH.
  12. Future ENY OP

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There should be no reason that CPW express is slow during rush hour and nights before 11:30PM. SMDH
  13. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Spotted 4594 (FB) with a driver side wrap this morning. It appears that these wraps are slowly coming to Brooklyn and The Bronx. I know the express bus depots and Manhattan have these wraps.
  14. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Construction not done yet.
  15. Future ENY OP

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Got a chance to drive through the new 2 lane traffic on Glenwood Road. However, construction between East 101 and Williams Avenue is really messing things up. Hopefully this will be done before October 1st.


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