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  1. I’ve seen Manhattanville hold up to 280. However, not 300+ like MQ. As far for service you have to account for spare factors and since they have heavy routes including Madison/5th Avenue routes they gonna need plenty.
  2. I’ll say this. Not all of Brooklyn Division uses wraps. Only FB and Grand uses them. However, it should be used for bus traveling into the CBD. Only Ulmer has it for express only.
  3. For some reason i thought it got there recent. However, thx for the confirmation
  4. No worries. I believe that came in to MCH yesterday during the day.
  5. 4572 GA to Fresh Pond. Rn on Q54 to 170th and Jamaica. 6160 to MCH from MQ (Please Confirm).
  6. Here’s a good example I’d like to point out. Earlier this year the Über eats campaign driverside wrap and rear ads were exclusively to Manhattan and express Bus Divisions only. No buses in Brooklyn and The Bronx received any of those Über eats ads. Meanwhile, a company like Über is everywhere. I just simply feel when certain advertising is only excluded to one part of the division and not spread out to other parts. The latest Honest Tea Campaign is another one. Those 2 ads would make a big impact in the outer boroughs.
  7. People are simply getting f**king pissed off about the subway these days and their only aggression is towards the conductor. There is no etiquette when it comes to speaking to a civil servant in a pleasant manner. This summer hasn't been good for the TA and Con Ed.
  8. That is a copy. Appreciate the confirmation.. Did 4570 or 4572 make the trip down to Flatbush Avenue from Grand Avenue.
  9. 38 will do excellent on Futon Street Mall. Narrow street like Fulton is nothing for the artics. I got one word for you and it’s simple. RELAX. Buses will come in due time.
  10. I’ll try to find out later on registration. However, it appears that this is a loan from GA to FB. Did you see if the bus had GA decals or FB decals if you recall?
  11. #ACCURATE. also to add senior moderators of NYCTF.
  12. M5 is not slated to get artics. That transit reporter at the Daily News is a real jerk and doesn’t do research correctly. Again, I have big concerns about an artic running down Madison/5th Avenues. The bigger issue is that there’s no depot currently than Manhattanville to have the M5 and don’t tell me MCH or TU could have the route cuz both depots will ruin that route. The real only way to have balance in the Upper Manhattan Division is to re-activate Amsterdam. Build a special depot for the museum buses.

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