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  1. You might see a few of those running on the local routes until later this afternoon. 5th Avenue is closed due to the parade and plus I believe today is a regular weekday schedule.
  2. Maybe I'm looking at this from a different spectrum. Also as someone who worked at Sheepshead Bay in the past every time I saw a B4 It would either run empty or maybe a few passengers max. That's the only reason I referenced what I said about that part of the bay being car centric. However, I do get you in regards to that part of the bay needs bus service and it does.
  3. Well, if they want to do that. They need to deal with the extreme transit deserts of Brooklyn, Queens, and NE Bronx and stop the bleeding of Übers, Lyfts, Juno, Via and Dollar Vans.
  4. Yes, I should been a bit more specific. However, Q4,5,83,84,85, 111, 113, 114 I see cuts in service and since those parts of Queens are heavy dollar van territory I would expect more vans in those areas.
  5. Yeh, the B4 definitely needs be terminated either at CIH and or Sheepshead Bay Road . Anything further than that doesn’t make sense since that particular portion of Sheepshead Bay is car centric and somewhat dependent of the B36. There is no need for the B4 to be at Knapp Street.
  6. I’m a bit surprised that Castleton isn’t getting buses from Charleston. However, you gotta look at The Bronx and Queens. Some of their routes don’t carry heavy mileage so if swaps were to occur let it be from there versus Charleston. Again, I could be wrong but expect more moves from Gun Hill and Jamaica to Staten Island.
  7. Prevosts only with the wrap. No XD40’s just yet.
  8. Brooklyn Division has it. FB-FP-JG only. No GA and East New York.
  9. What will Jamaica get in return? and I would think these 2 moves are for mileage purposes.
  10. I agree on this. But others would look at this post and say 74 needs to be extended further carrying no air.. By giving the 74 extension to Sheepshead Bay Road (I’m being generous on this and for the least this would be rush hours only)
  11. Correct on the first sentence 2nd. Took a drive down along car row Rt 304- New City and I will agree with you. 59 is becoming more of a better shopping area vs Orange County. The new shops along 59-304 viaduct are looking good and the area has re-vitalized. Back to our subject in hand: The only reason i eluded the 74 to run to Sheepshead Bay Road would only provide additional coverage to Neptune Ave on both ends of the spectrum Sheepshead-Coney Isl- Seagate. Should it help the B36 and B4. Yes, However, during AM/PM rush only. All other times via Mermaid on Shuttle.
  12. Those eastern euros shop in Manhattan, Harriman, New York and within their own community cluster.
  13. My rationale is that people think Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island are premier destinations and they are definitely not. Both need very big vitalizations first before considered destinations again. Now, as far as a Neptune to Sheepshead Bay or let alone Kings Plaza for some the ridership would decrease in a heartbeat. Not even Manhattan Beach patronage would want this. Now, if i were to suggest a Neptune Avenue to Sheepshead Bay Road or 86th Street via B74. It could possibly work. However, I’m not 100% sure how Seagate patrons would feel of a B74 heading to Sheepshead Bay Road or 86th and 25th Avenue versus Stillwell Avenue
  14. I believe the bus lane enforcement expands to Brooklyn- B44+ later this month. Trying to look for press release with regards to this.
  15. I’m confused 🤷🏽‍♂️ with that. Neptune Avenue just only needs a handful of stops within Coney Island and plus KP is not a destination. Now I could understand if it was owned by Simon than there is a conversation to be made. Sometimes I gotta remind myself that people come with the weirdest ideas and think the will abide with this. In the good words of @Trainmaster5 #carryon.

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