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  1. I could see the bus wrapping the driverside of these prevosts in a few months time.
  2. 4468 did indeed move from QV to CS and it worked the Q15 last night. EDIT: 4468 is at Queens Village and is working the Q27.
  3. That part your correct. That stat goes to Ulmer Park. There’s been talk about some of those older x3-45’s going to MTA bus. I can’t see them sending 18 of Meredith’s to Ulmer Park. Even though most of that batch came from there and Yukon.
  4. I saw both 9501 and 9504 out during the last month.. Both were working on the B62..
  5. This particular order as of now is not expected to be a split between the other 3 depots (subject to change). As you know Meredith has most of the 2011/2012 x3-45’s in which those will move to MTA bus depots.
  6. Too early to tell if Eastchester is supposed to get hand me-downs from Staten Island.
  7. I’m going to answer this here so that we don’t overflow the bus moves thread. I wonder if Kingsbridge and Gun Hill will move their buses over to Queens Village so that they can scrap their hybrids. Those hybrids are holding mighty strong in Queens Village and Quill/MCH. Remember, Stengel gave 4171 to MQ, 4135, 4173-4174 to Manhattanville.
  8. Those 44xx buses gotta get out of Queens into Brooklyn/Manhattan
  9. What a good way to start Monday at College Point. 2209 is left. Since 2204 is officially scrap.

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