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  1. In language. Everything for Manhattan and The Bronx gotta be brand spankin new.
  2. I’m not here to defend this article since the author seems very biased and doesn’t understand how it works. However, when you have the department of buses and depot preferences and politics you will have a storm like this with the tabloids
  3. I wouldn’t go too fast calling it vultures. This current XD40 order about 1/2 of it went to West Farms in actually those buses were to be for East New York, Fresh Pond and Ulmer Park. (Excluding Flatbush) We could all sit and argue to which buses need to go where but this the job of the Department of buses to fix this situation and stop sending buses from the Brooklyn Division to The Bronx Division. Brooklyn Division has needs too! I’ll give u a perfect example. I was on 4924 last Thursday (B25). The wheelchair lift is wasn’t working and the bus kept jerking. Bus completed service at Broadway-East New York. Next day bus was sent out and had similar issues and that was on the B45. PS: The had a press conference and not one reporter mentioned about buses. SMDH
  4. 501, 507 (SC) has screens. I think it’s version 2 with the transfers.
  5. This is some wild news that came from left field. If this is correct this could mean the B38 and the Q58 will see artic service.
  6. Going on the basis of the above report. Thanks for clarification.
  7. As of right the bus is painted fresh and is still at Grand Avenue. 2 things I think could happen. 1) it could stay there for operator training or 2) Pending move to Manhattan to join its brothers 5325, 5329-5331.
  8. I don’t know how accurate this is. However, there are dollar vans in Utica. They haven’t fully disappeared. If you get state police involved than I see a full disappearing act for both Utica and Flatbush.
  9. If state police could get involved than its truly a rap for these dollar van drivers. I believe they are about to install a barracks in Red Hook right near the battery tunnel. I’ve seen a few cars parked at the TBTA office (Red Hook) along with some TBTA cars. Cuz Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South are clearly not doing a good job at enforcement.
  10. I know I shouldn’t be having this convo here. However, is 5332 there for training (which is what I think). Maybe some insight may help on this potential transfer. By the way splendid pictures of 6131.
  11. Negative. I think Flatbush will be the last to have RTS. East New York and Ulmer Park are due XD40’s within the next few weeks. Right now it’s Fresh Pond and Jamaica. Jamaica is slowly retiring those RTS along with MJQ

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