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  1. Another accident today was a Staten Island bus deadheading to Manhattan involved in an accident on the BQE near Hamilton Avenue. It was a MCI couldn’t catch the bus #. However, that bus snarled traffic all the way from Staten Island.
  2. @Mpn4179: How about putting everything on one post instead of 4 individual posts. #jussayin.
  3. Just saw a B12 with a New York Avenue destination. How often is that short turn used?
  4. Are these swaps related to OMNY installation or just intra-Manhattan swaps?
  5. I could see possible elimination for the BM2 down the pike in exchange for the B99.
  6. I’m going to disagree with what you just said. Most police live outside the 5 Boroughs. Yes, some do live in the city. However, most are in Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, and some in Capital Region via 684 & Taconic Parkway.
  7. Understood. However, I’ve observed 5451, 5458 and few others working the M23 and M34 SBS lines during the last few weeks. So to say it could be a yard dispatcher call or management call on this.
  8. Honestly and truthfully the LaGuardia Link branding should only be limited to the Q70 only. That set of 5444-5467 are interchangeable and used sometimes on other SBS lines like the M23, M34.
  9. Someone cleared it up for me a few days ago. I think only 5443 is only at MCH.
  10. Bx99 and M99 are now appearing on MTA Bustine. First run is later 2nite.
  11. I don’t consider it as failure. They are still doing work at The Brooklyn Museum Station. I drove by it over the weekend. Station will get on line once elevators are up and other logistical factors are taken place. Also, let’s be mindful that these crews are finishing the work ahead of schedule so if they miss a station or 2 we shouldn’t be fussing. Glad that Queens is being worked on and line
  12. Question to all: Which depot is in charge of BxM7 late night.. Eastchester or College Point
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