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  1. You are correct. Some of those GA 4700’s do have some pickup. I’ll say this, anything could change between now and early/mid April when the next scheduled pick takes place.
  2. (😂😂😂. Spills coffee ☕️ all over my desk). Of course that’s what Mr. Cirprano would say. This is the same guy that wants to cut service on a top 10 bus line in the city and it’s in Brooklyn. I will reserve that comment for another day. Yes, I’m in full agreement with you in regards to Gun Hill busiest lines. However, no excuse to send out horrible buses that can’t be maintained properly.
  3. .... This is totally disrespectful. I would hope that Ulmer Park or Flatbush don’t receive any of these buses. Sheesh, send the worse performing buses to the scrap yard. This is no way to run service with panels coming off, interior in shambles and etc. Out of the 3 depots in The Bronx. West Farms does a good job in maintaining their buses. I really hope that brass could clean house at Gun Hill and Kingsbridge. There should be no reason that Brooklyn Division or any other division in the system should endure mal maintenance of buses.
  4. There’s something called spares. Each depot need a set of spares. Flatbush doesn’t need to send any more buses to The Bronx nor to Manhattan and Stengel doesn’t need to send buses out.
  5. How wonderful....... I wonder how this is going to be pulled off.. At least the good news is that the TA has a little under 90 days to complete this task. However, I hope this gets scrapped all together.
  6. 4099 FB to FP. 5483 FB to GH. @LegoBrickBreaker101 nice capture and for beating me to the post.
  7. Its been a bit quiet for wraps. However, new wrap alert for Ulmer Park (BK) & Manhattan Division. UP has had them for about 2 weeks. First seeing this on a MQ bus today and since Manhattan has tons of foot traffic than Brooklyn. You won’t see these wraps unless you are in Ulmer Park territory. FB, JG and FP have taken down most of their wraps. The most recent ad campaigns have ended.
  8. Appreciate the clarification. I will say this. By reading this it’s only right that FB/JG split the 1 so that the 49 is not lost. Honestly, I cannot see FB losing the 49 but once you posted the run sheets for the 49 and the comparison of the B1 run sheet looking similarly alike that the 49 may leave. However, it’s a wait and see process and it’s only January. Anything could change between now and then.
  9. Exactly. Can’t wait for the bus bunching on the 57 and 60’
  10. Copy @Around the Horn I’ve noticed more Gleason than Flatbush buses on the 1. Especially towards the Bay Ridge portion during AM rush during my past experiences
  11. I tell you this. I don’t remember this too much when the Q59 was at the Pond. However, you are correct with this b/c a lot of GA ops do this and it’s unfair for the long waits at WBP. The bold portion: Accurate.
  12. What are the short turns for the 1? CIH? 13th Ave? Avenue U? I know it is too early for this. However, the consensus is that the 49 could be out of FB and heading to Ulmer. This would be the first route for Ulmer heading outside Southern Brooklyn and heading towards Central Brooklyn for 1 and second, I would like to see how those pull-ins and pull outs factor at KCC. To @EastFlatbushLarry are there any interlines with the 49? I don’t think there is, but do you off hand 100%? Truthfully, I’d like to see a split FB/JG so that the 49 is not a loss to FB. But let’s see the outcome when official info comes out soon.
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