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  1. The First bold part: I AGREE 110% WITH YOU ON THIS ONE! I'm just like you on this one. Not hanging around for a phone call especially on a day off. For the next bold part: I totally understand that we have a major bus shortage so saying that on my part wasn't wise thinking on my part and not to compare and contrast the distances between the 2 depots that service the area for adequate buses for a shuttle. Yes, the communication has got to get better with Maintenance and the RCC. However, whatever happen yesterday on the should of been handled a bit differently. My hope and prayer is that Mr. Byford handles things differently than his predecessors when it comes to delays and so-forth.
  2. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    You got a point. Especially since the tank expired. No need to have it running.
  3. There was a Über surge price in that area yesterday. To get either across the Triboro bridge to the Bronx or Manhattan which requires a toll and depending where you are going in the city. You are looking at least $60.00 just for less than 5 miles. You wonder why there are so many Übers and Lyfts vs buses that can provide shuttle bus service when situations like this arises or add additional buses during the rush hour.
  4. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This is good memory lane photo right here! Miss seeing some of these bad boys on the BM1 & BM2. Its truly bad that the doesn't want to preserve this bus. I could only guess with the maintenance costs its only safe to say that the bus has to go.
  5. All The New Buses..

    Great pictures of the new equipment.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    If I'm not mistaken those buses will be heading down Broadway to East New York... Pending complete construction of artic bays. Of course, all of this is subject to change.
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    FB LFSA artic 5346 in an accident on Nostrand and Atlantic on bus lane. Look like it was pretty serious. Police and TA personnel on scene. Measurements were taken.
  8. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Same with San Fran with MUNI.
  9. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Just do me one favor. I need you to find me a statistic on your notion that 95% of drivers are idiots. I'll go one even higher that 98% are complete bozos. Last night in the snow storm I seen a 5 car wreck on the Belt Parkway service road near the airport. What makes it worse is that you have tailgaters who feel their car is better than the next person. I nearly got ran over twice on Linden Boulevard last night only because I was exercising good driving habits and it was snowing badly. Now, you have regular drivers who can't drive in the rain or snow. What makes you think these people could drive when the road is dry. DMV giving out licenses to bozos. Ha.
  10. What in Tarnation?

    Prolly they kept the artics indoors yesterday with the pending snow storm. Snow actually started at 5 and picked up at 6pm.
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe they did a trial of that a few years ago. Remember seeing some inside ads on East New York buses and Manhattan Division.
  12. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    That's true. If you don't have a big targeting audience than advertisers aren't going to flip the bread. In the past few months. I've been noticing some 30x215 billboards in the Brooklyn Division. BK Division is not as close to Manhattan which has a bigger targeting audience when it comes to advertising. Although you see some resemblance to some 30x240 super king billboards used on the RTS buses. I just wonder what's going to happen with the new buses in stock when they come in. I guess the TA is not willing to slap ads on the newer buses even the ones from bus co. which are reaching 2 years old.
  13. The last I checked. Nassau is very stingy when it comes to transit funding. However, If they can really get it together than you could really see some form of regional transit. Great Neck, Roslyn, Garden City would serve as good areas for express bus service and some form of local bus service connecting Southeast Queens.
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    You might get the Good Day New York front ad. However, if they are doing away with front ads that would be good. Just only could wish they could go back to the rear wraps for the NG's and RTS just to get more ad dollars.
  15. Yikes.. That's cold. This administration gives me the creeps.


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