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  1. Surprised that Gleason couldn’t stick an artic on the B68 for this type of purpose.
  2. The updated TTMG roster looks good. However, good to see OF getting novas again.
  3. Did 6539 get scrapped? If not, that should be the only one left out of the 2005 OG’s.
  4. Very delusional if you ask me. I know your a veteran at this @BreeddekalbL and why would someone even mention about merging the B2 and B46 segments. This make absolute NO SENSE AT ALL. (But again do any of these Facebook groups do) except @Via Garibaldi 8 express bus advocacy group which gets results.
  5. Now that’s a first right there. An artic on the B2. Looks like Flatbush is making a case to become all artic in the near future.
  6. After a short break on wraps. new wrap alert. - Manhattan Division, Express bus depots- Staten Island Division & Ulmer Park and Brooklyn Division- (Fresh Pond, FB, Gleason, Grand Ave).
  7. I get those 2 sides confused all the time. 2nd line is correct @B35 via Church. The 69 runs a straight route into the Navy yard vs the 67. But overall 67/69 running to WBP is too much. I'd leave it as is. If one of those 2 routes were limited I'd oblige and go with the 69.. On another subject with the 69. Why was it taken off Prospect Park West and 8th Ave in the first place. I've always find back in the day when I fanned the line it would be a better alternative to the B67 running down 7th Ave. I get that Park Slope is very bougie but not that bougie enough to warrant bus service running down Prospect Park West and 8th Avenue. The 67 should only be the 7th Avenue bus. The B7 needs to go like yesterday.. Honestly, when the B7 left Flatbush in 2001 or 2002 (Someone correct me here) the service with East New York, and Fresh Pond has been somewhat piss poor. At least when it was at FB it ran decent. Not saying that Flatbush ran the service excellent. But personally I feel that the B7 is like a step child in the Brooklyn Division that gets tossed around between the 3 depots. I could say that with a couple of more routes within the division.
  8. Unrelated question: Only missing 4956, 4961. Correct?
  9. Red Hook, Park Slope to Downtown Brooklyn lines: B75 and B77, I see a possible return. However, revisions have to be made with the B57 and B61. Not 100% sold on the B23. If it were to return it's usefulness could only between Flatbush/Nostrand and McDonald/Church Ave Also, not 100% on the B51. In today's climate that line won't do well. The construction on Worth Street is horrendous. Honestly, the real route I'd like to see back is the B78. Seeing how Grand Avenue has butchered the current B47 the southern most route needs a revamp.
  10. I dunno how I feel about the B69 going to WBP. Not saying that the idea isn't bad @checkmatechamp13. Personally, I'd prefer the B67 only b/c of the proximity from the Navy Yard to WBP via Kent.
  11. Those are not moving for now. LGA won’t have enough buses to do the Q53/Q70SBS.. Also, unless there’s another artic order coming those other swaps won’t be happening for now.
  12. Agreed on this stance. Normalcy is out the door.. I wouldn’t be surprised if GA slaps an artic on the 46 on a late night.
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