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  1. Technically yes. However, that could be subject to change as all things with the .
  2. ... and even with the next convention (potentially) sh*t in New York State will never change. When you have politics dictate the state of transportation than things won’t change in NYC.
  3. Hold up. Then current artics are at Zerega for extensive maintenance? Correct
  4. Are the 54xx temporary moves to Flatbush or long term moves. Since 5443 has FB decals?
  5. Today’s wrap campaign is Postmates. As spotted on a Manhattanville bus. Caught as I was driving thru 96th and West End. I will try to snap a picture if I see in MQ territory. More than likely this wrap won’t be in Brooklyn Division. However, it all depends.
  6. Apparently it was mentioned on 8/31 that said bus was delivered. However, glad that you are clarifying that said bus is not in system.
  7. Great update @Around the Horn Now the question begs and it’s prolly too early too tell but hopefully XDE60’s are on the list and a mix bag of D4500CT’s and CRT45LE for express.
  8. Appreciate the clarification good sir. You are definitely right about the Q10 turns in Kew Gardens.
  9. I believe it was mentioned briefly a while ago in regards to spacing and the turn off from Broadway and Malcolm X getting into Dekalb. Unless, I’m incorrect with this a little clarification is kindly appreciated.
  10. Re-read the press release. As we know with the EVERYTHING is subject to change. Not saying that you are right. However, the wording on this release may indicate that 46 may be a full conversion. Looks like it’s a potential 1/5/2020 start date. Also, the 46 has issues with Dekalb. Unless that gets addressed that 1/5/20 start date may move. Another suggestion is possibly ending at Woodhull.
  11. Hopefully, an additional increase to the artic order for FB. However, according to the press release it seems that it could be a full conversion.

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