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  1. Had that been in Flatbush, ENY or Gleason , the A/C would of been working. Let that bus stay in The Bronx. Was it 5439 or 5441?
  2. The route doesn’t need an extension. It’s perfectly fine the way it is. The route already mirrors part of the B44 and B41 respectively.
  3. Meanwhile NJ, CT and PA malls and movie theatres are open
  4. Random thought of the morning. 7632 running on the B44SBS+.
  5. The quicker they install OMNY the better I see this happening.
  6. I’m just going to ignore what I just read here b/c what you just said doesn’t make sense at all. Your not going to have seniors and disabled walk blocks at a loss of bus service in this case the B26 and B52. Again, Halsey, Gates, Lafayette, Myrtle all need bus service. Any elimination of bus service on those corridors will create disaster. Your not going to have people walk or take additional buses to get into Downtown Brooklyn.
  7. Outside of the B57. There’s no real conversation to be done with this. That route has its own issues and runs thru a tiny area of Bed-Stuy. I’m talking about more immediate Bed-Stuy- Crown Heights since you want to bring up the B25/45/65. People want to talk about eliminate but unless if you haven’t taken that particular line. Again, don’t talk about eliminating. I get that the wants do trim down on the bus network but these planners don’t live or commute on the lines that affect of Brooklynites a lot of the routes that are feeders to Downtown Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and Ridgewood are to be left alone with minimum change. As for your predictions. B25/45/65. Staying put. I know that the TA’s notion of getting rid of the 25 b/c of the duplication but if you don't address subway service along Fulton Street I cannot see the 25 getting the ax. As for the 45/65. Although they both run on different segments in Crown Heights to Ralph Avenue which other lines do you replace within Crown Heights. B26/38/48/52/54. First off I cannot see the 38 being trounced to Ridgewood Term. There’s no room currently for the 38 to be at the terminal. You already have: 26/52/54/13 plus the Q55 & Q58 all at Ridgewood. Seneca Avenue + Stanhope needs the service. You cannot replace that with the B20. So I say the 38 will be left alone. As for the 52: Past Broadway there’s no additional service until Wilson Avenue for the B60 so I’m not solid with a trounce to Gates Avenue or even a B47 merger. Taking away Bushwick service in that area wouldn’t be the wisest thing. All other Bed-Stuy routes kept with some changes.
  8. Honestly fam.. Leave those Bed-Stuy routes alone.. The 26, 38, 48, 52, 54 all serve different parts of Bed-Stuy. If you eliminate any of those routes than it's going to be hell to get Downtown. The 48 serves as a feeder between all of those routes within bed-stuy for Downtown Brooklyn access. The doesn't perform very well to be a true crosstown-bed stuy train, and for certain neighborhoods you need one of those buses to get to the train on Fulton. So essentially you need all those fore-mentioned buses within Bed-Stuy. So what if they all serve RIdgewood Terminal . Unless you have a real solution on how to fix the bed-stuy bus network. Don't talk about eliminating the lines.
  9. Why not keep it with Kingsbridge. They currently operate the Bx7. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Just saying.
  10. So ENY got extra 4 buses for SBS. So Flatbush has 7615-7658 correct.
  11. Fare collection coming very soon. According to the press conference today collection of fares could resume in August at the earliest.
  12. That’s a copy. I’ve read some of those stories. Between the BxM1/2 and BM3 sagas. Definitely don’t want to turn this to a bashing of no overnight service via trains. Temporary yes to have the trains not run 24/7 for now. But, let’s think of this as prince Andrew would want the trains shut down permanently to save $$$$.
  13. I’m in full agreement on this. I’ve seen it done in Philadelphia and LA. Although for the most part bus connections correspond to the late night service. Last night Flatbush had 6 buses since the service is every 20 minutes. I’m gonna give it shot to fan the line. (Something I haven’t done in years primarily since becoming a car owner and grown too tired of the shenanigans but this would be something to check out)
  14. In all fairness NYC subway doesn't need to be 24/7. The needs to take the practice of and other transit agencies to not run trains at night and offer bus alternatives. The B99 is a perfect start to this and if ridership picks up lets just say more routes could be created in the near future. The needs to continue with the deep cleaning of the trains.
  15. Sir, I’m not one with that. I was just responding to someone else regarding this issue.
  16. Check the previous page. Conversation started yesterday. To your question. Looks good for Brooklyn commuters especially on the return trip. Could be an alternative for the BM2. Depending on headways and enough promo I could see this going far. Possibly.
  17. Conversation already started on previous page . Technically.
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