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  1. I think the whole consensus answered your question with regards to this.
  2. 6227 to MQ from Flatbush Av (FB) Working the M79SBS right now.
  3. That and the B25 was slated in the 2009 cuts.
  4. ... cripple rush hour again. Alas: Last Wednesday with the core of the train shutdown. Downtown Brooklyn to Coney Island.
  5. After re-reading your post and @B35 via Church explanation on splitting the 19. It’s gotta be left alone. You know better than me since your on the road and see it first hand. Definitely routes like the B6, M101 and I will throw in the B46 for purposes of this conversation you know when you will get a full load and you know when it’s gonna empty out and pick up again. There are times late night the 6 is definitely SRO with pickups on the Junction and Utica than empties out in Canarsie with another SRO in Canarsie and empties out on between East 105th and Penn Ave heading to ENY.
  6. ... and this is why the missed the mark on intra-Bronx service in The South Bronx. It’s not for the fact that The South Bronx is close to Manhattan, but also it’s areas are gentrifying. Putting pressure for additional service The Hub is not the wisest thing. After re-reading what I said yesterday with regards with the Bx19. It should be left alone in being split but additional increase of service is needed for reliability of the line. (SBS on the horizons)
  7. I’m glad we’re on the same page with the Bx46. Definitely would be a nice to extend to The Stadium and for Manhattan and Intra-Bronx West Side service. Since the Bx6 is getting a small extension to Soundview there needs to be some balance on the line and the Bx46 would provide that. The hub to me is too congested and plus you have the Bx2, Bx4, Bx4A, Bx15, Bx19, Bx21 all within reach of The Hub. For the last part: The is really at fault for not listening enough to the concerns of riders. How do you expect transparency if you not being real with the riding public and these mistakes will continue until you listen to the riding public. (Staten Island Express saga part 2)
  8. Not only that. I don’t think that The Hub is willing to handle all these additional people hopping on the to get across the river to Manhattan and intra Bronx plus more people will settle with the Bx19 for 145th Street service along 7th and St. Nick.
  9. I don’t know if 7641 is unwrapped. But, it’s working on the B41 this morning.
  10. Less turnover: Bx19. I’m not 100% sold on that. I’m gonna need a good explanation on this one. The Bx15 and Bx19 if you ask me have high turnovers and now we are all fighting to see which depot the M125 will end up. In my honest opinion: The will commit the same mistakes with this re-design plan for The Bronx like they did with Staten Island. (So much for starting off on a clean slate)
  11. 6165- MQ to MCH. On the M15 heading downtown on 2nd Avenue & 106th.
  12. 4336. I saw that accident this morning. Dollar van was speeding on Flatbush. His whole right side went into the bus. That bus will be out of service for a bit.
  13. Just spotted 4336 being towed back to Flatbush. It appears it was in a bad accident this morning.
  14. I'd say this.. If 96th street wasn't in the convo for SBS. I'd say give up the 96 and 106 to TU. I'm also at a wait and see process. I've said this in the past.. Re-activate Amsterdam and part of the mess is fixed (That's a post for another day).. I'm not 100% if ENY CMF or GA CMF could hold most of the museum buses depending on room and plus artic ops are coming to ENY in the near future so they are going to need their CMF and I think they are doing MTA bus related work there. However, the Upper Manhattan Division has a serious problem in it's hands if they want to make things right. I cannot see West Farms to absorb this work.
  15. While I will agree with you with regards to KB deadhead being very long for the M125 but I don’t agree with the long deadhead from West Farms. Bad enough they don’t get the 15 as of January and me thinks that 15/125 interline would be good. However, I’m glad you pointed this out for me that it won’t work. Preferably the M125 should go to MV. However, I would like them to give up the M106 to TU in order to have the M125.
  16. That’s obvious. M125: it’s simple. You give it to the depot that has nothing to trade off. Either Kingsbridge or West Farms dont have to trade. Manhattanville does. But it makes sense to have at Manhattanville b/c of terminal proximity versus a deadhead from Kingsbridge. However, if it goes Kingsbridge, it would be the perfect interline b/w Bx15 and M125
  17. I say this to you. Just for now. Do Monday and Friday. Only b/c only a handful of buses from the whole Manhattan Division don’t have bases with exception of the few spotted on Quill, MHV buses mostly. Haven’t observed on TU or MCH buses yet as far as bases or installation is concerned. I say in 2 weeks things will move a bit rapidly for a possible January target date for Manhattan Division.
  18. .... in pure logistical terms leave as is. Even if the reliability of the 19 is the absolute worse. However, I do see where this is coming from especially part of the 9 does travel on Southern.
  19. That is correct. I saw 5352 working this morning at 6:15AM while traveling on Rogers Ave. I say overnight this evening or Wednesday morning 5342 will join the rest of the clan at KB. @Cait Sith Thank you on the confirmations from yesterday and didn’t realize 5340 moved overnight along with the others.
  20. Keep fighting @Via Garibaldi 8. It’s the only way to get things done in this city and it’s bureaucratic ways.
  21. Truthfully, if there was a way to split the Bx19 you would have to run it in 2 sections: Section 1: Riverside Drive to Southern-Westchester Section 2: Southern-Westchester to Webster Avenue- Botanical Gardens (New route Bx51)

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