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  1. Did 4407, 4421 make the trip to FP? Also, why is FP getting more NG’s. Shouldn’t they be getting more XD40’s since their allotment is 65. I believe they have 61.
  2. I want to say 10:30-11:00 was when it was in Sheepshead Bay-Emmons Avenue.
  3. That’s a copy good sir. I’ll say this. I haven’t noticed any movement as of late with the XD’s with exception of the 2 that went to FB last week. Is there a start date for the SBS14+?
  4. .... Damm that’s breaking news to me. Just hoping that’s not true in regards to Flatbush. They already suffered enough. However, we shouldn’t take these things seriously as things change everyday with the
  5. That’s a copy. I read an earlier report that they went to MCH/146. Did anything else pop in from Yukon or KB transferring to MHV since your last report? Also, be on the lookout for possible Gun Hill buses too.
  6. You would think a big state agency with a massive war chest like that to do some dumb shit. I’m done. 🤔😂😂
  7. Fam. Everything you mentioned is SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.
  8. This while M14SBS thing is out of proportion. There was no need in my honest opinion to have a 14SBS. All they had to do was add more service on the trains. Kept the shuttle buses only for nights, weekends and late rush hours
  9. Ha. I really don’t care for it at this point. The whole is a complete mess at this point. Late orders and the Department of buses being a dysfunctional bunch. Add all of that it all equals disaster.
  10. Random thought of the morning: 4241 just finished doing a B44SBS+ run. Damm, FB extremely short on artics. This whole XD60 order is a complete mess.
  11. That’s a copy. That bus is definitely registered to Ulmer Park for sure. Not so much 4532.
  12. 4532 went back to FP. Looks like a short term loan. 4572 still at UP?
  13. Listen. We all here live busy lives. It doesn’t take a few minutes to check the other pages to see if the buses in question have been reported. Now, I’m starting to notice that running a transit forum is no easy fate. Tons of work and man hours are accounted to provide accurate reporting. However, as of late clowns are deciding to disrupt something viable especially with the moves and it means going back to the old ways of visual observations of buses being shifted from one depot to another. #carryon
  14. Good luck on that. That’s if the NYPD decides to do a 12noon or 3PM shutdown of all streets in the area and bus service will be screwed up until late PM.
  15. At this point. Whatever the issue is Bustrek is no longer available to the public. No need for the back and forth plus screenshots. I was always taught this. If you don’t want stragglers in the mix you gotta protect home. Keep the noisy people out of the mix. This is how things get real messy in a New York minute.
  16. Than the bus is a short term loan. 4532 is reportedly at Ulmer Park too. Looks like Fresh Pond decals is on that bus. If someone is in Canarsie get a visual on that bus. Last checked bus is in Canarsie heading to Bensonhurst.
  17. Per: @Flatbush SBS Duece & @Orion6025 4572 to Ulmer Park with decals. On the B64 right now. Bus worked the B6 this AM
  18. Last we all checked Ulmer Park does not want anything to do with those NG’s. DOB figured hey let’s give Ulmer Park a few NG’s to play around with until more XD40’s come in from West Farms. PS: 4572 on the B64 right now. Whoever in Bay Ridge check and see if there’s an actual UP decal on that bus.
  19. That is a loan from Grand Avenue. That ain’t staying at Ulmer Park. Hopefully it doesn’t have Ulmer Park decals.
  20. ..... and no buses moving out between the 2 depots to MQ, MV, FB.
  21. That 138 XN40 order was definitely not enough. Not only that West Farms sent back buses to Gleason. At this point we are at the mercy of the Department of buses to see if and when buses will return back to Ulmer Park. Right now Grand Avenue is on the board for more XD40’s. If Fresh Pond wants to complete 65 buses allotment. They need to take from Grand Avenue. There gaps of numbers between Fresh Pond and Grand.

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