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  1. I had a fender bender on 12/20/2015 where no police report was filed so Geico paid for my damages as well as the other party's. I ran by abstract and it showed up. Does this disqualify my from the position. I was told by Geico that it wouldn't appear on the abstract since there was no report. Is there a way to have it removed? BTW I did work as an operator for two year with MABSTOA back in 99-2000 and resigned with no violations or incidents.
  2. Did anyone who took the medical fail the color blindness test?
  3. That's exactly how it is with me. Never realized I had this "ailment" until I took my first physical for a CDL.
  4. Funny you asked. After failing the first test and then having them bring me to the traffic light, I was thinking the same thing. So I botched it the first time due to nerves. LOL. Got it right the second time. I can distinguish between the red/yellow and green light with no problem. It's the red and yellow I have problems with. Obviously reds and greens are a problem during the Ishihara test. They lights were in the normal order when I took the test..
  5. I worked for Mabstoa back in early 2000s and resigned for personal reasons. I'm hoping the color blindness test won't be an issue for me since I am on the 4600 list. When I went for the medical I failed the test and had to go to a doctor to sign me off as fit to drive with CDL. When I went back to the medical department they had me retake the test, of course same results, and then brought me to a seperate room with a traffic light. They asked me what colors each were and I was then passed as fit to drive.
  6. Does anyone know how long before you report after you go through the whole hire procedure? I would like to give 2 weeks notice to my job.
  7. You're right, I'm on the 4600 list but thought it might be better to post it on the 2613 blog since this list is already in motion and people would have more input. I used to work for OA out of the Amsterdam depot from 99-00 but resigned. Just trying to refresh my memory. Looks like things haven't changed with the city as far as moving at a glacial pace.
  8. Guys, Quick question. I know you have to list all of your previous employers. For the last couple of years I have been self employed and need to file my taxes. How deep do they go regarding the background check? Will this be held against me?
  9. Hey Guys, New to this post. Does anyone know what number they are on with the 2613 list? I took the 4600 exam and was just wondering how long it will take for the 4600 list to be released.
  10. Hi Guys, New to the forum. Does anyone know what number they are up to in the 2613 list?
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