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  1. bkdirect

    Structure Maintainers Thread

    Sorry im just seeing your reply, to answer your questions. No i still have not been giving the pratical test yet to become permanent( and i cant get a stright answer from anyone about it either). I have work with talk to some guys that was here almost 4yrs before they received their practical test, and others that came 2 months before the test was giving. To be honest i have no regrets the money is nothing like the outside on a union scale, i gave up alot of money leaving a solid job. But im more thinking about the future. TA is on a hiring frenzy for trade men. But when they stop there is no telling when they will hire again. I know a guy who said he went almost 7 years with the same list number because they just wasnt hiring. Ps. I still got my union book open just incase
  2. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Thanks again, and your right, its a bit off topic but if any one here has the experience the application just cane out on 4/8/16 for SME ( Structure maintainer E) which is for MTA plumbers. And they probably will be hiring people from this exam as provisionals.
  3. bkdirect

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    Youre not lying i got 103 on that sanitation test my list number was in the 4000's lol. Almost 100k people took that test
  4. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Good job stevenyc keeping everyone updated although you already made it to a class, most guys on here just vanished once they were sworn in. I have a question do you know what trade the maintainers were that you were in orientation with? Example masons, carpenters, plumbers etc. They have been hiring alot of maintainers lately. Thanks in advance
  5. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    They wont hire you until you pay those tickects. I seen guys have to run to DMV to pay and come back with proof of payment.
  6. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Same here spike, 40hr in two days including paid sleep time... it burns you out though. Picked up some well needed OTO. I dont think we will see anymore 5+ inches of snow anymore this year, its been really mild
  7. bkdirect

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    I know of atleast two people who said they never received any correspondence for a test date...
  8. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Thats a fact! Any time u pick up a shovel thats time and a half..
  9. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    I thought the 3 in 1 rule only applied to promotional posistions also.
  10. Where do you apply, this position is not showing up on mta bsc portal.
  11. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Those guys that got picked out must have picked "x" or "temp" jobs those jobs are not solid Upo were u able to get in capital nights? If so how do u like it?
  12. bkdirect

    Best Express runs

    Although its not express the kicks the ass all the time. The needs two express stops to get away from a sometimes 3. The flies from 125st to 59st
  13. bkdirect

    The Schoolcar Experience

    Where do you find the staff lounge?
  14. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    I Seen guys standing on the 3rd rail protection boards. Sitting having their lunch on the 3rd rail protection boards ( with their key chain hanging from the side of their pants). Thats crazy to me. Those boards dont even look sturdy. And u dont know when they can give. I have worked 17yrs union construction on the out side and i seen how fast an accident can happen. And 600 volts is nothing i want to play around with.
  15. bkdirect

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    FYI ALWAYS treat that 3rd rail as if its live! ALWAYS! and stay on point on those tracks those trains are unforgiving! When i went for flagging i seen seasoned guys do some dangerous things. And i pray i never get that comfortable. Be safe out there!!


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