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  1. I did my with dumb valve open and doir on manual so i can show that doors closing and opening. But double check with other people. Good luck on dmv. Dont stress out and u do ok.
  2. No problem. U applyed for 4600? one person that was in my group and qualify today with me applyed for 4600.
  3. Day 7 qualify. Tomorrow rts training. Good luck to all and thanks for help.
  4. Training is not so hard. Best advice is to listen to superintendent. Listen everything he/she say. They will tell u everything. Most improtant thing is to understand reference point and pivot point. Also mirrors. Set it up correctly and check every 3-5 seconds. U be ok. Remember bus turning different than tour car so listen what superintendent will tell u.
  5. Cool. Thanks to everybody for all help and advice. Now i need to survive a year of probation.
  6. Day 7 Qualified. So happy. Tomorrow training on RTS. Anybody have advice about driving rts?
  7. Yea i did got "S" but still just want to ask so i can be more prepared for it. Its hard thing. One of the guys in my group never made day 5 he didnt show up. I want to pass that so i can go forward.
  8. Ok. Thanks for info. So about those signs. When i drove bus and superintendent told me to make turn to go thru central park i called high i say 11.3 going under 10.10 can i proceed? Sup say very good yes u can. So signs say lower hight that it is so no big trucks go thru there. But anytime u have situation like that just call hight and ask if u can go. So i am going for day 7 now. Ita big day for me couse i may qualify on day 7. Do anybody know where is day 7? Do they have apecial place for it and how day 7 look like?
  9. Yup next class is March 23rd so u will not make it. Looks like i may go for April 6th class. I remember my firs day at 180 Livingston was friday. Than monday they called me to come on Thursday February 26 for phisical and that thursday they ask if i can start monday march 9th. They will give u at least a week notice so u can take vacations or leave of absence from tour current job. DO NOT RESIGN FROM CURRENT JOB YET. u can resign if u pass mta 10 days training.
  10. My number was 187X and no i only took dmv test on school bus but thats totally different. Mta bus has front wheels behind driver seat and school bus like car on front.
  11. Day 5 went ok. Not happy about myself i made few mistakes that i should be aware of but i got satisfactory. Guys its a lot to take it. In my group one guy i guess couldn't handle pressure and didnt show up today. Best adwice listen listen and listen what superintendent tells you. Remember he is your way to getting job. If u do way he tells u to u be ok.
  12. We all here to help each other to make sure we pass. If u need more info and i know i will tell u.
  13. Yup monday is at zerega u do paperwork than they give u metor card and tell u to what depot u have to report on Tuesday. The depot u going on Tuesday its the one u will go everyday till day 7th. if u not qualify on day 7 u getting different instructor and i think different depot for day 8 9 and 10. I am in Brooklyn depot division. And yes if u qualified u can pick depot u want if they have open spots. But before u pick your depot u need to qualify and its a lot of info in short time. Good luck.
  14. So far went good. Monday zerega do paperwork and get depot locations. Tuesday day we did some basic turns in Flatlands bk. Wednesday instructor put me on lie and Whitestone bridge. I drove all the way to Zerega to do simulators. Then we went to Howard Beach to practice more turns. Thursday zerega again and college point. Friday bronx to do EL pillars and than parking and backing up. So so far was ok just worry about Monday and Tuesday thats in Manhattan and if i do those 2 days good i may go for test on day 7. So any infos about where in Manhattan they taking us will help.
  15. Thanks guys for helping. Any advices from people that already qualified? I want to qualify on day 7 so need inofs.
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