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  1. I wonder if someone could help me figure this out. I took a drug test on march 16th and medical on the 19th of ma rch got clearence on my medical they told me i will get a call. Theycall me today and ask me to report on the 9th for another drug test. Is drug test good for 30 days but it is not 30 day yet.
  2. Thanks gucio84 your information was very informative
  3. Gucio 84 how was the first day at zerega. Did anyone not make it pass the 1st day for any reason.
  4. ? TA and OA class is the same or they diffence class
  5. No criminal case it is a speeding ticket i received on 10/25/2013.how could i fight for points reduction. Plea gulity to some with less point that's what you mean.
  6. I was at livingston on feb 20th. They ask if you have any pending courts cases which i have for speeding on 10/25/2013. They said you have to clear that up first before you coueld be process.so if you lie you could be disqualify.
  7. If you pay a speeding ticket now and get 4 points would you be disqualify for that.
  8. I heard of the OA class that is starting on march 9th. Anybody know when the next one is after that one.
  9. On day one at zegera they checking license and arrest why. Did you not get check at livingston.
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