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  1. Understood. Didn't take it like that. Differeance between the to is the engineer operates the train. Don't think knowing this determines if your capable of being a engineer or not. Went to the overview today. And I have a lot of studying to do
  2. I'm pretty sure this was discussed already. But what's the difference between engineer and conductor?
  3. Hey drenyce. I haven't received any emails. Did you get word on the interview yet?
  4. I'm pretty sure you aced it. Was the test free hand or multiple?
  5. Thanks drenyce. It's bundlez07@gmail.com that's my personal one. You could email it to me anytime
  6. Sure add me to the class set ( drenyce ) and good luck tomorrow. I'm pretty sure your anxious to get the test over with
  7. Hey drenyce. How much material is there to study? And how many questions will there be in the test. Which quizlet study tool did you use ?
  8. Thanks republic and drenyce311. Good luck on the test this Friday drenyce311. Did you take the test already republic?
  9. Finally recieved the email for S&D review on Apr 24 at 8am. Wish it was sooner. Just want to get through the the process already.
  10. Drenyce, good luck bro. Stay in those books. I beleive you could use quizlet.com as a study tool. I believe I saw some LIRR material in there
  11. (Drenyce) how was the overview? Was there a lot of people there ?
  12. I went to the open house held on DEC 15. Looks like my background investigation has been cleared, just haven't gotten a invite email yet.
  13. Good morning everyone. I'm currently going through the background investigation. 23/24 completed. My paper work has been kicked back to verify my education. Hopefully it's done soon so I could attend the next review. Does anyone know how many reviews are going to be held in the month of March

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